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Descent into Hell. 1933, by Nicholas Roerich;
State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow

Nicholas Roerich

El Morya and Helena Roerich on Purgatory and Hell!

El Morya from Agni Yoga Society

Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on purgatory. Sometimes his quotes come from great teachers from past mystery schools (e.g. "The Thinker" is probably Plato) drawn directly from the akashic record, his own personal remembrances or ancient texts not available to the public. These quotes were given seventy years ago. I think most of us are aware that the polarity of Light and dark has increased. While conscious awareness of Spirit has grown so has the corresponding influences of lower strata that Morya talks about. Many on the spiritual path today are unaware that they are feeding entities on a daily basis. El Morya gives solutions for protection from these forces in a most practical way, such as the use of deodar or eucalyptus; but the most often mentioned prescription is ardent striving on the Path.

Infinity II, 1930 Infinity II, 62. When in antiquity purgatory and fiery hell were spoken of, certainly transmutation and karma were meant. When the laws were established, their meaning was known. Exactitude of knowledge was expressed in manifestation by the Cosmic Magnet. The knowledge of karma was asserted by the luminaries. Purgatory was put in the place of karmic striving. Purgatory in its present understanding was inherited from the law of transmutation. The fiery hell followed as the law manifested by karma. Karma and transmutation are inseparable! One principle predetermines the other, and the tension of the one evokes the striving of the other. Creativeness of great attraction constructs all cosmic principles. Only striving directed to the manifestation of Fire can yield the formula of reality. Humanity in its heedlessness denies this reciprocal law. Verily, karma and transmutation outline the evolution of the spirit. Space resounds with these laws, and only the law of the Cosmic Magnet directs the striving toward evolution. A sensitive ear will catch these harmonies.

Infinity II, 138. A great life is confirmed by the manifestation of the Cosmic Magnet. Three planes are manifested to humanity for the affirmation of all principles. Indeed, it is easy for the spirit to strive upon the higher planes, but the earthly, the lowest pole, is established as the place of decision. Only there where Light and darkness battle can the spirit manifest a free choice. Imbued by the emanations of the energies, the spirit can establish itself through the expression of its striving. Only when immersed in the earthly sphere can one manifest the subtlety of striving into higher spheres. Cosmic creativeness requires entirety of manifestation. Thus, the spirit composed of all cosmic energies must pass through all cosmic steps. Verily, man must pass through purgatory; otherwise, the spirit cannot attain the predestined world, which comprises all spheres.

Infinity II, 450. Therefore, the spirit who assimilates all currents senses keenly the spatial fires. The chaos of the earthly sphere is so powerful that a purgatory has to be manifested. An Agni Yogi affirms these purifications. Hence, the Mother of Agni Yoga feels keenly all spatial purifications and the centers are therefore so tensed. Each energy unassimilated by humanity vibrates against the centers, and the sensitive heart absorbs everything.

Fiery World III, 1935 Fiery World III, 69. It is right to think about the purging of dogmas which lead away from a just thinking. The concepts of purgatory and hell may be replaced by the concept of affirmation of the life of the Fiery World. There is no mightier purgatory than earthly life, if all the potentialities of the spirit are intensified. Likewise there is no mightier hell than the earthly infections of the spirit. To affirm purgatory on Earth as a beginning leading to the Subtle and Fiery Worlds is a problem of the purification of consciousness. All strivings of humanity for knowledge of the Invisible World should impel the consciousness to take up the thought of purification, which will continue the earthly path to the Fiery World. Only the concept of oneness of the path will impel people to live in beauty, and to depart this life as wayfarers continuing their journey. When the World will apprehend this indissoluble bond with the Subtle World, purgatory will then take its rightful place in Eternal Truth. Therefore it is so important to become affirmed in the realization of the endlessness of life; the continuing, as it were, of the great Wheel of Life. The manifestation of the accumulation of the "chalice" gives great power to the spirit in the Fiery World; just as the path of darkness imposes its own dark existence. Let us direct thoughts of people to the idea of purgatory on Earth.

Fiery World III, 310. The accumulations of countries are being weighed on the Cosmic Scales. The preponderance of the forces of destruction is unquestionable, but transmutation of the spirit and purification of space and of humanity will afford a new destiny. The reconstruction of the planet will touch upon all values, spiritual and material. Each center, manifesting its Karma, will produce a new tension. Humanity passes through a fiery cleansing. A new affirmation will be revealed upon the horizon of the planet. In truth, a fiery purgatory will reach all the ends of the World. On the Cosmic Scales, for the good of the Universe, are found both the sword and fiery transmutation. Thus, for the planet's good the Fiery World draws near.

Fiery World III, 381. How can one attain fiery initiation without actual struggle? How can one pass through life without a real battle? Only a low understanding can have a conception of higher attainment without tension. To pass through life and attain means to pass along the edge of the abyss, means to pass through sorrow and tension. Just as the Cosmic Laboratory transmutes these energies of the heart, so do human souls pass through purgatory on Earth. Without this fiery attachment to Cosmic Fire the heart cannot know initiation into the Higher World. On the path to the Fiery World one must remember about the purgatory of life.

Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 1929-1935. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 17 April 1934. 3. You mentioned a most painful problem of today's life-the question of the legality of abortion. Of course, there are no two opinions on this subject: abortion is most definitely murder. Therefore, only in cases where the mother's life is in danger should it take place. But it is wrong to think that a woman who is guilty of abortion always attracts low spirits. The karma of the whole family should be taken into consideration. Often we can notice that in a family where one of the children is worthless the other children are not bad. Karma ties groups of people for long, long thousands of years. And often, even a high spirit has not unimpeachable, irreproachable parents. And it is significant that the dark forces are especially against the reincarnation of highly developed spirits, and they try their best to prevent the reincarnations that are dangerous for them. And, once more, it is not the purgatory of the Subtle World that prevents spirits from reincarnating, but only the crime of the parents. There is not a more powerful purgatory than the earthly life, if all the potentialities of the individuality are intensified. It is said in the Teaching, "As the one who hungers longs for food, even so, the spirit that is ready to incarnate longs for the new incarnation." Therefore, one can imagine what suffering the spirit undergoes by reason of artificial prevention. The spirit is connected with the embryo at the moment of conception, and gradually enters the body in the fourth month when the nerve and brain channels are being formed. Therefore, abortion is permissible only in exceptional cases.

Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 6 May 1934. Yes, it is most dangerous to scatter one's forces on the first steps. Do not forget about the years of probation and of the adjustment of the organism; all the various disciples who enter the path of Service must go through this process. Even the very high spirits are not exceptions in this. Of course, all the aforesaid is not applicable to the theoretical occultists. But, as I understand you, you wish to be accepted in the group of real disciples and, as you say, your sole desire is to meet the Teacher and to work under his Guidance. I certainly have not yet met anybody who, after becoming acquainted even if only superficially with the Teaching, would not like to give up the earthly burdens and join the Teacher in his Community. It is mostly those who have only superficially learned something of the Teaching who are the ones to demand entry into the Community of the Great Brotherhood! But they have not the slightest idea whether their physical bodies could stand the extremely tense atmosphere which surrounds this Stronghold. One must remember that the transmutation of the organism and the nerve centers must take place here, on Earth, amidst the spiritual struggles, amidst all the burdens and difficulties of life, amidst all the testing trifles of every day. Only this struggle evokes the necessary energies for the transfiguration and the outliving of all the gross habits and attachments. The earthly life is indeed a purgatory, and without going through it it is impossible to enter Paradise, or to come to the Brotherhood. The fires of the higher energies would burn the overloaded aura. The Community of the Brotherhood is too far removed from the ordinary earthly environment, and therefore it could not provide the necessary test conditions.
Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 5 March 1935. "Preta-Loka" corresponds to the purgatory of the Catholic religion.

Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 1935-1939. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 24 May 1936. You say you have only one wish - "to reach the Teacher, and if that is not possible, then to reach his disciple." I must say that I have not yet met anybody who, after learning something about the great White Brotherhood, has not attempted the search for it. But rarely, almost never, does one question himself as to whether he is ready spiritually and physically to endure that tension. Can his physical shell stand the awful tension of the atmosphere that surrounds this Stronghold? Only he can approach it who, here on Earth amidst the struggles and surmounting all possible difficulties, has outlived all habits and attachments and in self-sacrificing achievement has fierily transmuted his energies. Without going through the earthly purgatory it is impossible to enter paradise. The Fires of the Higher Energies would burn the overloaded aura. Therefore, only one or, at the most, two people in a century ever reach this Stronghold. You also know that the Great Teachers never invade the karma of man, and therefore they make no exceptions. Karma can bring a man into Their Community, and if such karma is present, no one and nothing, except the man himself, can impede its fulfillment. Therefore, as best you can, apply in life all your aspirations and all the Covenants of the Teaching, and leave the rest to karma and to the great knowledge of the Lords.

Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 13 August 1938. Now, about purgatory, or the middle spheres of the Subtle World. The lower strata are quite close to the description of hell. In fact, it depends upon man himself how best to make use, for himself and others, of his stay in the middle spheres. The higher spheres become accessible to us in accordance with the measure of our purification, and before our immersion in the state of Devachan we cast off the already outworn astral envelope; the purer it is, the more quickly it decomposes. The astral envelope of the higher spirits, after being utilized, is given over to the Spatial Fire with the help of the Teacher. However, not all spirits immerse themselves in Devachan; there are strong spirits who do not need this stopover and who hasten to continue their earthly path. If, in the Subtle World, man would strive to realize his errors, the entire evolution would be considerably hastened. But the difficulty lies in that average people - not good and not bad, but without strivings and clearly expressed abilities - when entering the indifferent and grey sphere of the Subtle World that is compatible with them, usually drag out in it the very same burdensome and depressed existence. Their small consciousness and undeveloped thinking do not permit them to rise in spirit and ascend into the higher spheres where creativity of thought reigns. Tepidity, indifference, and laziness are our most frightful executioners. They are the devourers of psychic energy, which alone makes us conscious possessors of the Chalice of Amrita - Immortality. 


Fiery World I, 28. All achievements and heroic deeds are essentially fiery actions. The higher energy transports people across the precipice. It may be asked, "Does not the fiery energy participate in the rise of crime?" Certainly, this same energy can raise a bloody knife; therefore We advise not to turn the Fire of Benefaction into the flame of destruction. Besides personal harm, the flame of destruction contaminates the surrounding space. Moreover, a flame of evil is aroused by the decomposing vortices of the lower strata. It has long been said that sinners themselves feed the fires of hell. People are themselves responsible for the extent of evil. As it is, a vast amount of evil is not realized, and people refuse to recognize whence come these hideous burns. In various countries you saw different concepts of hell. If such forms are embodied on Earth, likewise they exist in the Subtle World. How carefully must one avoid all ugliness on Earth! The Fire of Benefaction creates the most beautiful transmutations. Let us then be toiling and blessed smiths. Beneficent Fires are borne high up by the vortexes of the far-off worlds. Once there existed a trial by fire. He who was tried approached the fire, and the fire, at contact with truth, rose upward, but a lie deflected the flame. With all its imperfections, this trial brings to mind the possibilities of the reaction of Fire.

Fiery World I, 656. When I speak of tension it must not be interpreted as fanaticism On the contrary, the tension that links one with Hierarchy may be precisely a spiritual departure from customary conditions. Though formerly people fell into bodily fanaticism this does not mean that in a more spiritually advanced time the same primitive methods need be used. If formerly it was necessary to threaten people with the torments of hell in order to curtail their partaking of bloody food, nowadays the vegetable diet enters life quite naturally. So, also, when it is realized that the heart is the focus of the spirit, then the physical manifestation of fanatics will be replaced by the revelation of the life of the heart. Thus, gradually, even in the most difficult epoch, the spiritualization of life is entered upon. There are many grave examples before you of entire nations losing their image. But when the Fiery World is realized, the highest earthly state appears small and transitory.

Fiery World III, 315. The consciousness which has been illumined with an understanding of the immutability of achievement can welcome the New World. Such a consciousness will adopt a striving toward the conflict against darkness, and will know how to oppose all the progeny of hell. Many worldly pronouncements may be said to be hell-born. For the sphere which surrounds humanity is saturated with the products of the actions of mankind's Karma. The concept of achievement within one's heart will reveal all paths to it. The fiery battle fills all spheres. A manifestation of creativeness speedily intensifies new energies. On the path to the Fiery World let us imbue the spirit with consciousness of achievement.

Supermundane I, 44. Urusvati embodies fieriness. Of what, then, does this precious quality consist? Some fieriness exists in everyone, but there are particularly fiery natures that can communicate easily with the far-off worlds. People usually understand fieriness as anger, irritability, and bursts of hot temper, but these are merely earthly qualities, and we should not look for true fieriness in them. True fieriness is demonstrated in communion with the Invisible World and in participation in Our Missions. Moreover, one should not associate fieriness with mediumism. On the contrary, in fieriness the mucous membranes are dry and ectoplasm is not exuded. The special quality of fieriness stands quite independently. With it, courage is present and fear does not exist. Fiery people do not feel fear, and are not afraid of the manifestations of the Subtle World. Most people fear such manifestations, and therein lies their isolation from the Subtle World, even though there cannot be any transformation of life without this natural bond. We hasten to inspire people with fearlessness by every means. We try to whisper about the harm of fear and the foolishness of terror. From remote times people have been accustomed to fear so-called death. They were always intimidated by hell, and at the same time were not told about the meaning of perfectment. One cannot ask people to be brave if they do not know why they are on Earth, and where they will be directed when liberated. We entrust Our co-workers to repeat as much as they can to people about the great Eternity and the continuity of life. We have not left, but have voluntarily remained on Earth. We have consciously accepted earthly life. We could be far away, but choose to remain with the suffering ones. Our Vigil would not be unswerving if We were influenced by fear. As physicians We know what devastation fear produces in the human organism. Earthly physicians should distinguish a special kind of sickness caused by fear. Let them experience Our tension. Let them understand how harmful is fear. Do not think that fieriness comes by itself; it must be cultivated through many lives.

Supermundane I, 75. Urusvati understands the harm in not forgiving. Such feelings can only fester under earthly conditions, since in Our life, with its awareness of former existences, feelings of rancor become impossible. In each life one finds many occasions for malice; to accumulate them throughout one's lives would create a long black tail that drags and impedes. With such an appendage one cannot advance! People do much harm to themselves by limiting their awareness to one earthly existence. They build obstacles for themselves everywhere. When We direct them into the future, they generally do not understand how to begin to think in this new way. One may think that he will be forever attached to one place; another may tell himself that he must always cling to one vocation; a third may convince himself that he cannot endure a change of location; a fourth may imagine that he will perish from his very first illness. Thus each one invents his own fetters, not realizing that in his former lives he has already experienced the many ways of existence. Such a conventional life on Earth, in complete ignorance of the past, does not allow one the opportunity to think about the future. Most people leave Earth not realizing that they will have to return again. If they could remember at least something of the past, and learn to think about the future, they would save themselves from many errors. It is not a fear of hell but a desire for perfection that will lead people to the betterment of life. We know the past, yet live in the future; We do not fear Infinity, and welcome each advance. The future stands as a great reality, separated from us only by a thin, closed door, and even now is being created by our every breath. When one's consciousness is directed into the future, can one harbor rancor? There is no time for immersion in the past. People should know about the immutable law; it is not for human consciousness to interfere with the Law of Karma. Thus let us learn to fly, not only in the subtle body, but also in consciousness. Let us understand that each moment is already the past, and that the future is given to us. This is Our advice to everyone who loves Our Abode.

Supermundane I, 237. Urusvati knows that all facets of human life should be harmonized. And though it is well known that people of great talent often indulge in vice, and some even excuse such behavior on the grounds that genius includes a bit of insanity, no one asks how much greater their creativity might be without such indulgences. One can cite examples of alcoholics who were highly creative, but perhaps their work would have been much greater without intoxicants. No one can prove that creativeness is dependent upon artificial stimulation. One should think of those great creative workers whose lives are known to have been harmonious and without excess. In ancient days excesses were called "the chains of hell." A great truth underlies this saying. Artificial stimulation is degrading and limiting, whereas inspiration arrived at naturally is limitless, for it follows the laws of Infinity. Thus We remind people that any disharmony is ruinous. Lack of understanding of harmony makes life ugly and such ignorance is criminal. One cannot think about evolution when people themselves destroy the very foundations of life. Especially at present, at the threshold of the New Era, one must think about the health of the nations. It may seem that today, when people have lost trust in one another, it is out of place to speak about health, but every teacher must speak about the ways to the future. The example of the Thinker will be instructive. Even when He was sold into slavery, He spoke about freedom and harmony in life.

Supermundane II, 367. Urusvati knows how physical and psychic phenomena are intimately linked. For example, because of extreme physical exertion a person may see sparks of light that are similar to psychic phenomena. Therefore We advise calm and concentration of the mind in order to prevent sudden physical shocks. Thought should be directed to Us, but in a state of mental equilibrium. We even advise a partial realization of the Infinite, for nothing contributes so much to one's balance as the sense of Infinity. There are many different methods of acquiring calm, but awareness of the Infinite is the most effective. Uttering the name of the Guru also creates a strong bond, but this, too, must be done with serenity, for any excessive exertion will invariably produce a disturbed atmosphere. Realize, however, that calmness is not inertia; on the contrary, just as in the state of Nirvana, it is full of inner vibration. Many will not understand this and will see only contradiction. They will argue, "How can calmness be filled with vibrations, and how can a calm invocation of the Guru's name be so effective? How can a calm prayer be more effective than a cry of despair?" It is hard to express certain ideas in words. It is hard to explain the difference between the power of calmness and the oppressive force of aggression. Only those who have trod many earthly paths will understand the value of calmness, particularly during the days of Armageddon. Calm reigns in Our Abode, where even the slightest imbalance can cause a great calamity. Calmness should be cultivated everywhere in the world. Urusvati quite correctly stresses the building of character in the young. Indeed, it is more important than a strictly intellectual education, for only the building of good character can lay the foundations of calmness and productive labor in life. The Thinker warned His disciples, saying, "Preserve calmness, or you will fall into the inferno of hell."


These books are available as free downloads in three formats at the publisher. They are worth buying in book form however because they are little treasures. They are a perfect bedside book, a page or two just before sleep will do wonders.

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If you are ever in New York I strongly recommend a trip to the: Nicholas Roerich Museum, 319 West 107th Street; NY, NY.

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