Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey dies at 67: chief architect of band's vocal and instrumental blend1-1/18

Eagles - Peaceful Easy Feeling - Live on BBC 1973

Here's my favorite song from what I consider one of the greatest bands of all time, sung of course by the incomparable Glenn Frey. Editor
Here's the studio album version.

Democratic Governor Slams Obama’s Moratorium on Coal Production Leases on Federal Lands-1/18 This is a severe blow to the Wyoming and Montana economies which don't have a whole lot to export. Editor

Editor: The first inauguration of George Washington as President of the United States took place on April 30, 1789. This is the true date for the astrological birth of the United States. Some of the reasons America was founded were for freedom of religion which is under daily attack; taxes which we're still having a problem with and to do away with Kings because they just could't be trusted to do the right thing. Now we have a new self-appointed king who is by-passing other branches of government and the constitution. Obama has issued more executive orders than any U.S. president in history

Anonymous phone calls, fears of stalking and veiled threats: How power-hungry Hillary torpedoed the torrid affair between Bill Clinton and 21-year-old campaign worker that threatened to destroy her master plan to become president-1/18

Kuan Yin taken recently at the Hyatt Regency in Lahaina, Maui. I believe it said 7th century. Editor

Fiery Thoughts ...

El Morya:


The density of matter obstructs each experiment of the spirit. This concerns men as well as the whole of nature. For access to it matter must be melted. In the process of smelting there is produced a specific gas which assimilates with the substance of the spirit. In man, a gas emanates from the nerve centers at each ecstasy of happiness or unhappiness. Thus a laboratory of the spirit is obtained.


Therefore, a misfortune is called the visitation of God, but each somnolent existence is death of spirit. In nature, ecstasies manifest as thunder-storms, earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes and floods. A similar laboratory of spirit begins to work.


Hence, all sparks of ecstasy are blessed. Molten matter yields to improvement and provides new formulae. Instead of prolonged researches it suffices to reflect the elements in Our mirrors, and then to accumulate new formulae. Then remains the second part of the work: patiently, and in due time, to give them to people.


Upon the fires of ecstasy travels Our Ray, seeking admittance into the heart. Where is the happiness or misfortune that has opened the entry? But, contacting molten matter, one senses the pulse of Earth, and the heart must withstand the gravitation. Those who will take part in this work must guard their hearts.


Therefore, I say, guard the heart—all else is easy to repair. It represents matter, whereas the nerves are subservient to the spirit. At the knock of the spirit the door of the solar plexus is opened. But each stroke of matter beats upon the heart. Whosoever wishes to come in touch with the formula of matter must guard the heart. Our medicine teaches how to strengthen the heart through breathing; but about this another time. Illumination, II:I:7.

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A sandstone stele of Abraham, 7th century AD. The Trustees of the British Museum Photograph: The Trustees of the British Museum

Of gods and men: how ancient Egypt was the crucible for multiple faiths-10/19 The Guardian (UK), Hundreds of ancient relics will be displayed for the first time in a British Museum show that challenges our view of religious history -- A trail-blazing British Museum exhibition about religion in Egypt after the fall of the pharaohs is to shine a light for the first time on an overlooked and difficult truth: how much the great world faiths and mythologies borrowed from each other and how many modern distinctions were made later. The potentially provocative show, Egypt: Faith After the Pharaohs, opens next week and covers the millennium after the death of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, when Egypt was initially part of the Roman empire and arguably the greatest melting pot on Earth. Curators at the London museum will use a series of items, many never put on public display before, to demonstrate the level of “entanglement� of religious symbols and rituals; with Egyptian emblems regularly appearing in classical Greek designs, depicting Jewish stories that were decorated with Christian crosses and Roman wreaths. “Over the last 10 or 15 years in scholarship, there has been growing interest across the disciplines in looking at the way religions interacted, rather than just in isolation,� said Elisabeth O’Connell, a keeper in the museum’s Department of Ancient Egypt and the Sudan and a co-curator of the exhibition. “It is becoming clear that a lot of religious history has been founded on our modern distinctions simply being projected back.� Proof of this borrowing can still be seen today, said O’Connell, thanks to the objects being exceptionally well preserved for centuries in the peculiarly protective, arid climate of Egypt. Two hundred of these troublesome objects, many deliberately ignored by scholars in the past, have been gathered together to challenge the conventions of religious history. From architectural fragments, jewellery, paintings, gravestones and toys, to the paraphernalia of religious worship, they are all subversive evidence that faiths were once amalgamated in a way that was accepted by the ordinary people of Egypt, regardless of their birth-race or family’s religion. “If you only take the work we have from Dioscorus of Aphrodito, it blows apart these distinctions,� said O’Connell. “He was a lawyer and poet, who lived in Egypt and wrote in Greek, although he was a Christian Copt. “He is a great example of what was going on widely, because he used biblical sources and also wrote Homeric verse, one of them dedicated to a man with a Christian name, Matthew.� The exhibition is the first major international show to deal with this 1,200-year period of Egyptian history, examining the transition to a majority Christian population after Roman rule and then a majority Muslim population that often coexisted alongside thriving communities of Jews. ...

John Dee's Crystal © Science Museum, Wellcome Images

A magical glimpse into the Tudor imagination: Lost library of John Dee to be revealed-10/23 Culture24, By Richard Moss -- Treasured books from the lost Library of Tudor polymath John Dee will be revealed in a special exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians Museum in January 2016 -- No figure from the Tudor world better exemplifies the diverse and apparently contradictory intellectual and social preoccupations of the period than John Dee. At once deeply religious and fastidiously superstitious, Dee was a scholar of mathematics and magic, a keen historian and courtier and tutor to Elizabeth I and a polymath whose interests included astronomy, astrology, exploration, the occult, alchemy, spying and imperialism. Little wonder this extraordinary man has continually fascinated and served as inspiration to artists from Shakespeare and Ben Johnson to Derek Jarman and Damon Albarn. Now, the intriguing and mysterious Dee, who survived the machinations of the late Tudor period only to die in poverty in 1608/9, is to be revealed to the public through his remarkable personal library for the first time in history. A never seen before selection from 100 surviving books once owned by the man known universally as Dr Dee will go on display in Scholar, courtier, magician: The lost library of John Dee at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in January 2016. Dee’s library was once one of the finest private libraries in Europe and today The RCP holds the largest known collection of works formerly owned by him. They passed to the RCP as part of the library of Henry Pierrepont, 1st Marquis of Dorchester, via a family bequest in 1680 and have never been publicly displayed together before. Dee annotated his books enthusiastically and extensively to reveal his interest in medicine, belief in a single ‘language of God’ as spoken by biblical Adam and his fascination with cryptography, the science of codes. Among the curiosities are Dee’s astrological textbooks; he was once imprisoned for casting horoscopes of Queen Mary and throughout his life undertook ‘conversations with angels’ and divine spirits via mediums known as ‘scryers’. ...

Tibetan Prophecy: One Decade Left

-8/2, From: Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar,
The singular work entitled The Light That Makes Things Clear: A Prophecy of Things to Come, was revealed by the late 'Jam-byangs mKhyen-brtse Chos-kyi bLo-gros (1896-1959), widely known and celebrated as the "Master of Masters." It was first translated into English in 1988, by Karma gSungrab rGya-mtsho, with the admonition that it be freely reproduced. We have elected to publish this work as received, with only slight editorial revision, as the translator prepared his version with the assistance of the late Khyentse Rinpoche's learned students, and other qualified commentators. Our revisions cover matters of English expression; not content, which is unchanged, and basic meaning is left intact. This work takes the form of a dialogue involving Shakyamuni Buddha, Ananda, Avalokitesvara, and Maitreya concerning events commencing 2026, and lasting through 2032.
" Homage to the Three Jewels. The Victorious One (Shakyamuni Buddha) once related this teaching applicable to a time when the evil period would arise. It is like a path because all sentient beings are connected to it. When the Victorious One was sitting under the bodhi tree and thinking of all sentient beings of the world, he saw that at the end of five - hundred years, an evil age would begin. As to the deeds and thoughts of all these beings, those with great merit would come into contact with this teaching while those with little merit would not. The pain from conflicting emotions would be great indeed. Because it seemed that humans living on the surface of the earth would be as if cut to pieces with swords due to this, the venerable Ananda pleaded with the Victorious One: "Victorious One, because you consider things with great compassion, spare humankind this torment." And the Victorious One replied to the venerable Ananda: "I have this to say about it. While I was residing in the great expanse of space, I was thinking of and gazing on the beings of the world. So, listen! There is a teaching useful during the time when the - dark age arises. If one writes of it, propagates it, and practices the "Great Responsiveness Meditation" and recitation, impurities and obscurations will be quickly purified. If one sincerely makes offerings to this spiritual text with flowers and incense, all sentient beings will benefit. By propagating this text and writing about it, one will obtain a good existence throughout all of one's lives." ... More >>>

Obituary: Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile Mourns Demise of His Eminence Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche December 24, 2015-12/26 Tibet.net, DHARAMSHALA: The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile expressed profound grief on the demise of His Eminence Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche, the spiritual head of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche passed away yesterday in Bodh Gaya at the age of 89. The Parliament lamented having lost a great spiritual master of Tibetan Buddhism and the holder of all the great Kama and Terma traditions of the Nyingmapa. In 1926, His Eminence Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche Shedrup Trinlé Nyinjé Pal Sangpo was born to Namgyal Dorje and Dorje Dolma of Phunkhang household in Central Tibet. He was recognised as an incarnation of the ninth Dorje Drak Rinpoche Thubten Choewang. In 1931, Rinpoche was invited to Taklung Tse monastery and ordained as a novice monk. He was bestowed the title of Tulku Trinley Pal Sangpo by the former Dorje Drak Chusang Rinpoche. Rinpoche was trained in Tibet until he fled to India in 1959. Under his supervision and blessing, the Dorje Drak monastery was re-established in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. During his training in Tibet and India, His Eminence received many teachings and transmissions from renowned spiritual masters. In 2012, he was appointed as the spiritual head of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism. His Eminence devoted his life in practice and promotion of Buddha’s teachings. He was renowned as a holder of all the great Kama and Terma traditions of the Nyingmapa, and a great exponent of the Rime, or non-sectarian tradition. The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile shared deepest condolences with all the followers and devotees and offered prayers for his successful reincarnation. The Deputy Speaker Khenpo Sonam Tenphel is currently in Bodh Gaya to take part in the prayer ceremonies for Rinpoche’s swift reincarnation.

CTA Holds Prayer Service for His Eminence Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche-12/26 It was held on Christmas.

Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche (head of the Nyingma school) has passed away-12/26 Reddit H.H Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche passed away this morning (23.12.2015) around 2:30am in Bodhgaya. Great loss for the Tibetan Buddhism, especially Nyingma lineage. The following days and weeks are an important time for all of his students to practice as much as possible. May he swiftly come back and be reborn among us. Letter from Tulku Dakpa: "With great sadness I have received the news that His Holiness Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche entered parinirvana in Bodhgaya this morning. It's very important for all the students of His Holiness to at least do this short Guru Yoga written by His Holiness himself.
DU SUM SNGYEE DUI PAI NGO BO NYID Karma Badra, the Union of all Buddhas of three times,
DRAN PAI DUNG SEL KAR MA BHA DRA LA And alleviator of all sufferings,
SOL BA DHEB SO DHAG GYUD JIN GYEE LHOB To you I supplicate, please bless me
KA DAG LHUN DRUB GONG PA TOG PA DANG I may quickly realize the meaning of ultimate nature of awareness,
NGNAG ZHI THAR SHIN JA LUE DRUB PAR SHOG And accomplish the four visions and attain rainbow body!
The Lord and Dharma king of infinite doctrines of Ngagyur Nyingma Lineage, though it is hard to declare by his real name, but for the sake of good reason, I supplicate to all disciples by declaring his real name-His Holiness Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche Shedrup Nyinjed Thrinley Palzangpo who has just (today) left for other pure realms - to recite, by remembering his supreme qualities, this Guru Yoga prayer composed by His Holiness himself which is powerful enough to instantly empowers your body, speech and mind with blessings and accumulate ocean of merits." With prayers, Tulku Dakpa, 23 12 2015 It is with deep sadness that we should reflect on Kyabje Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche's passing into parinirvana in Bodhgaya today. If you had any connection with Rinpoche, please do guru yoga as requested by Tulku Dakpa. ཨོཾ་ཨ་མི་དྷེ་ཝ་ཧྲཱིཿ Who will succeed him as the Supreme Head of the Nyingma in exile? It seems that the last of the great masters trained in Tibet are now passing away. Think about your lamas who are advanced in age, examine your conduct to ensure you're not damaging their health by breaking samaya, and pray that they live long to guide us!

The Reincarnated Child

Receive this free ebook at the link.

New website by Celeste Miller: The Reincarnated Child
Editor: Here is a welcome addition to the field of education. If only the world and especially America understood the principles of karma and reincarnation then we would all be better off. Imagine if an educator could understand signs in a child of past attainment and encourage those, or see those behaviors that are a detriment and understand where they might come from. Celeste Miller has been on the path of the complete education of the soul for most of her life. If only more educators were like her.

Celeste and Tom Miller

But let me let her website tell you about her qualifications:
"Celeste is a mother of six, grandmother of nine, and a teacher educator with a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. She is excited to share with you the gleanings of her lifelong study of children, parenting practices and educational methodologies that are significant ones for soul development. ... Celeste Miller earned a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Education in 1994. She taught early childhood and elementary education courses at five U.S. universities as well as two universities in Taiwan over the span of her career in higher education. She actively contributed to her field with research, publications, public speaking, international exchanges, department administration and membership in NAEYC, Phi Delta Kappa, IRA, and MnAEYC. She was a reading consultant to public school districts in MN and WI. Prior to college teaching career, she evaluated day care settings for the PA Department of Public Welfare and supervised student teachers. Her classroom teaching experience includes Montessori, Right Brain, and Vibration Education."

Around the World w/ Norman Rockwell on Pan Am



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Trailer for “The Precious Guru” : The film-9/11

New Graham Hancock TV Interview October 2015-10/13
Victory Report

From N. Carolina: Graham Hancock is The Devil-10/13

The Royal Secret-10/3 by John Bentley, (This is a new book which I have not read nor do I own a copy, but it looks good. Editor) The Royal Secret is a story for all those who have at times questioned their life and faced choices between good and evil. It is an epic saga of humanity from beginning to end, and of an unknown future whose clues may lie in the distant past. The tale is told through the eyes of an American woman and her quest for her own Holy Grail. In it she uncovers the true identity of one of the world’s greatest men. The would-be King of America. An Elizabethan known to the world as a great writer and poet but in a name disguised for centuries in a tissue of lies and obfuscation to conceal his immortal destiny.
About the author, John Bentley: The Author of The Royal Secret John Bentley is a well known creative entrepreneur, traveller, and now first-time novelist. Having travelled half the globe through dangerous lands by the age of twenty, he headed up a global media empire by the age of thirty. It included the UK’s largest movie company, producing the cult movie The Wicker Man. At thirty-two, described by the Press as a corporate buccaneer, and discarding a political career, he retired to study philosophy and metaphysics, in homes from the Scottish Highlands to New York, Paris, St. Tropez and Ibiza. Returning in 1980, his new video retail business became the largest in Europe. By the mid 80’s, branded by the Press as a playboy, he left public life to sail half way round the world. From 1990 he immersed himself in the new digital world to be the first to market with Internet Smart TV in 1995. Now living on Portugal’s Algarve coast he has with The Royal Secret combined his love of history and mystery. With his own take on a world where freedom is under attack, his story told through the eyes of a woman in love, warns that only revolution in thought and deed will save mankind from its self destruction. John Bentley‘s first book is The Royal Secret, an audacious thought-provoking mystery thriller of length and depth based on historical and political reality. The book spans a range of genres but fans of Dan Brown, Bernard Cornwell, CJ Sansom, and of the Holy Grail, The Tudors and the Templars, as well as of the occult and paranormal, will enjoy this scintillating blend of intrigue and conspiracy. The book is a first in providing the reader with instant pictorial and background data from The Royal Secret online sites on Pearltree and Pinterest. ...

Editor, from Sir Bacon.org: This public presentation to the Francis Bacon Society by Simon Miles in March of this year reveals new Baconian discoveries coded into the Merchant of Venice and can now be viewed as a video. Watch :

Don Quixote? Was it Cervantes or Bacon who crafted the famous tale?-8/2 A Barnes Review by John Tiffany on Don Quixote; PDF

How Einstein got it WRONG: Second paper proves 'spooky action at a distance' is real-11/14 Daily Mail,
• In quantum physics, entangled particles are connected despite distance
• This means the action of one will instantly change behaviour of the other
• Theory riled Einstein as it suggested data could travel faster than light
• NIST showed it was possible by separating photon pairs and sending them by fiber optic cable to detectors in distant rooms 184 metres apart ...

The Theory of Relativity, Then and Now-9/29 Smithsonian, by Brian Greene - Albert Einstein's breakthrough from a century ago was out of this world. Now it seems surprisingly down-to-earth ...

Marilyn Monroe explains relativity to Albert Einstein-9/29 from Nicolas Roeg's 1985 "Insignificance."

Welcome to quantum reality-9/10 New Scientist, It’s official: the universe is weird. Our everyday experience tells us that distant objects cannot influence each other, and don’t disappear just because no one is looking at them. Even Albert Einstein was dead against such ideas because they clashed so badly with our views of the real world. But it turns out we’re wrong – the quantum nature of reality means, on some level, these things can and do actually happen. A groundbreaking experiment puts the final nail in the coffin of our ordinary “local realism” view of the universe, settling an argument that has raged through physics for nearly a century. Teams of physicists around the world have been racing to complete this experiment for decades. Now, a group led by Ronald Hanson at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has finally cracked it. ...

General relativity at 100: Still no theory of everything-10/17 New Scientist,  General relativity and quantum theory are fundamentally incompatible theories of reality. How so – and what can we do about that? -- A RATHER glib distinction is often made between the two pillars of modern physics. Quantum mechanics is the physics of the very small, while general relativity is the physics of the very large. That’s not quite accurate – for example, quantum-mechanical effects have been observed spanning hundreds of kilometres. And at some scale, surely these two supremely accurate theories must come together. Yet wherever they do cross paths, the two theories fail to play nicely together – such as around black holes (see “General relativity at 100: The paradox of black holes“). Efforts to establish a quantum theory of gravity have stumped many physicists over the past century. Einstein himself became extremely unproductive in his later years as he sought such a “theory of everything“. To understand why, we must start with a fundamental tenet of quantum physics. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle embodies the fuzziness of ...

Large Hadron Collider ‘Could Be About To Find A Parallel Universe’-10/31 Yahoo News, It’s now firing at even higher energy -- The Large Hadron Collider is now firing at its highest-ever energy level - and scientists hope we could find a parallel universe. It won’t be a parallel universe as seen in science fiction - but it could give our understanding of physics is about to take a very big jolt indeed. One of the many mind-scrambling ideas on the table is that the Big Bang never happened, and the universe has always existed. Scarily, scientists are combing through results from June in the hope of finding evidence of mini black holes produced inside the collider. ‘Just as many parallel sheets of paper, which are two dimensional objects (breadth and length) can exist in a third dimension (height), parallel universes can also exist in higher dimensions’ Cern employee Mir Faizal from the University of Waterloo said. ‘We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC.’ ‘Normally, when people think of the multiverse, they think of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is actualised. ‘This cannot be tested and so it is philosophy and not science. This is not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is real universes in extra dimensions.’ ...

The Story of Kullervo Hardcover – International Edition, October 13, 2015-9/10 aMAZON, by J. R. R. Tolkien (Author), Verlyn Flieger (Editor) -- Amazon Review:: The world first publication of a previously unknown work of fantasy by J.R.R. Tolkien, which tells the powerful story of a doomed young man who is sold into slavery and who swears revenge on the magician who killed his father. Kullervo son of Kalervo is perhaps the darkest and most tragic of all J.R.R. Tolkien’s characters. ‘Hapless Kullervo’, as Tolkien called him, is a luckless orphan boy with supernatural powers and a tragic destiny. Brought up in the homestead of the dark magician Untamo, who killed his father, kidnapped his mother, and who tries three times to kill him when still a boy, Kullervo is alone save for the love of his twin sister, Wanona, and guarded by the magical powers of the black dog, Musti. When Kullervo is sold into slavery he swears revenge on the magician, but he will learn that even at the point of vengeance there is no escape from the cruellest of fates. Tolkien wrote that The Story of Kullervo was ‘the germ of my attempt to write legends of my own’, and was ‘a major matter in the legends of the First Age’; his Kullervo was the ancestor of Túrin Turambar, tragic incestuous hero of The Silmarillion. In addition to being a powerful story in its own right, The Story of Kullervo – published here for the first time with the author’s drafts, notes and lecture-essays on its source-work, The Kalevala, is a foundation stone in the structure of Tolkien’s invented world.

The Surprising Effect That Space Radiation Had on Mouse Brains-10/31   

Who drew a swastika on the steppe 8,000 years ago? NASA images reveal riddle of giant drawings that can only be seen from the air-10/31 Daily Mail
• The patterns are large works of art made by etching shapes into the Earth or arranging objects like stones
• The geoglyphs range in size from 300 to 1300ft (90 to 400 metres), but who built them and why is a mystery
• They were seen on Google Earth by Kostanay University in Kazakhstan and Vilnius University in Lithuania
• Scientists believe the strange structures may have been used to perform ancient rituals or to track the sun ...


Scientists to Scan Ancient Pyramids with Cosmic Rays to Find Hidden Chambers and other Secrets-10/31 Ancient Origins, Scientists are looking to uncover hidden chambers and other ancient secrets of Egyptian pyramids for the first time using powerful scanning technology. Ahram Online reports that the international project, named Scan Pyramids, is set to delve into the deepest recesses of pyramids of Egypt, according to Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Eldamaty at a news conference yesterday. Architects from Egypt, Canada, France and Japan will be scanning the internal workings of four pyramids in Egypt, using advanced infrared technology and cosmic rays. These scanning methods are described as “invasive -- though non-destructive” investigation techniques, sparing the ancient sites from damage while still revealing new discoveries. Read more: http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-general/scientists-scan-ancient-pyramids-cosmic-rays-find-hidden-chambers-and-other-secrets-020592#ixzz3qA44RPpL Follow us: @ancientorigins on Twitter | ancientoriginsweb on Facebook  

Is New Thought Turning Gray?-9/10 harvbishop.com, By Mitch Horowitz -- Science of Mind magazine columnist and ministerial student Masando Hiraoka recently lamented on this blog the paucity of “Millennials” within Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) churches and communities. The fact is, many metaphysical congregations and organizations on the alternative spiritual scene are experiencing an aging membership base. ...

Hidden secrets of Yale’s 1491 world map revealed via multispectral imaging-9/9 Yale News, By Mike Cummings -- Henricus Martellus, a German cartographer working in Florence in the late 15th century, produced a highly detailed map of the known world. According to experts, there is strong evidence that Christopher Columbus studied this map and that it influenced his thinking before his fateful voyage. ...

Six degrees of FRANCIS BACON: Interactive relationship maps shows 'friends of friends' for historical figures-10/17 Daily Mail,
• Site identifies 13,000 people and highlights around 200,000 relationships from between 1500 and 1700
• To create the tool, US researchers mined the 62 million words in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
• It is designed to give anyone an immediate sense of historical networks and the strange ways they might overlap
• For instance, it shows how Milton was connected to composers and poets through the singer Henry Lawes ...

Editor: In June I took two consecutive workshops with Robert Peng on Qiqong. He's the real deal. His teachings come from a Master in China. There are several movements but much of Qiqong involves visualization, intense visualization.

Boy's rebirth claim from 200 years ago featured in exhibition in Tokyo suburb-10/19 Asahi Shimbun, By KOSEI KITO -- Tokyo--In an early reincarnation claim, a young boy became a sensation about 200 years ago after declaring that he remembered living a previous life as another boy who had died at the age of 6. Since repeated claims by Katsugoro, 8, sounded plausible, his parents made inquiries through others whether the boy, named Tozo, actually lived in the village as he stated. All the evidence supported Katsugoro’s memories during investigations, prompting authorities to even compile reports on the mysterious case. A commemorative exhibition featuring the reported reincarnation, dating to the Edo Period (1603-1867), is on show at the Shinsengumi Furusato History Museum here through Nov. 15 to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Katsugoro’s birth. “We want to pass down the reports on this case to future generations as a rare example of documenting a rebirth while that person was still alive,” said Sumie Kitamura, who works for the local history museum in Hino. She is a member of a group of local residents who gathered exhibits about Katsugoro’s life and the results of research looking into similar accounts of reincarnation in Japan and elsewhere for the event. Katsugoro’s episode was also reported by Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904), a Greek-born writer who introduced Japanese legends and ghost stories to the world. A chapter titled “The Rebirth of Katsugoro” is included in his book “Gleanings in Buddha-Fields: Studies of Hand and Soul in the Far East,” which was published in the United States and Britain in 1897. Katsugoro was born to a farming family in the village called Nakano, which is today’s Hachioji, on Oct. 10, 1815. When he was 8, he began claiming repeatedly that in a past life he was Tozo, who died of smallpox in Hodokubo village, which is part of what is now Hino. His parents confirmed after contacting others that a boy named Tozo, in fact, lived in Hodokubo and passed away at age 6. Katsugoro further stunned people around him by giving elaborate details of Tozo’s home, as well as of Hodokubo, when he visited the village with his grandmother. It was the first time he had visited there. ...

Donald Sutherland on Fellini, Near-Death and the Haunting Allure of Venice-10/19 The Smithsonian, ... In ’68 ...  I’d come across the Adriatic to look at the city, Mary McCarthy’s Venice Observed in hand, and in minutes I’d turned tail and run. The city’d terrified me. It’s only because I managed to muster all my strength in ’73, only because I was able to pull myself together and overcome my terror, that those three fellows are related, that their genetic connection exists. Venice is interlinked in my mind with bacterial meningitis. In ’68 I’d picked up the pneumococcus bacterium in the Danube and for a few seconds it killed me. Standing behind my right shoulder, I’d watched my comatose body slide peacefully down a blue tunnel. That same blue tunnel the near dead always talk about. Such a tempting journey. So serene. No barking Cerberus to wake me. Everything was going to be all right. And then, just as I was seconds away from succumbing to the seductions of that matte white light glowing purely at what appeared to be the bottom of it, some primal force fiercely grabbed my feet and compelled them to dig my heels in. The downward journey slowed and stopped. I’d been on my way to being dead when some memory of the desperate rigor I’d applied to survive all my childhood illnesses pulled me back. Forced me to live. I was alive. I’d come out of the coma. Sick as a dog, but alive. If you’re ever with someone in a coma: Talk to them. Sing to them. They can hear you. And they’ll remember. I’d heard everything they’d said in the room. I’ve not forgotten a word. ...

500 Years of Virgin Mary Sightings in One Map-11/14 National Geographic, Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, inspiring wonder and devotion among millions, have been tracked for centuries. -- From a village in Rwanda to a rock cave in France, sightings of the Virgin Mary have been reported across the globe since A.D. 40. Since 1531, the Roman Catholic Church has investigated these reports and offered approval to multiple sites where bishops believe miracles occurred, such as Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Paris. MiracleHunter.com keeps a catalog of sightings. The map below shows where the sightings have been reported, and how they've been classified by the church. You can read about how the Virgin Mary has become the world's most powerful woman in our latest magazine cover story, and see how obsession with Mary can be taken to extremes on Explorer: The Cult of Mary, which premieres Sunday, December 13, at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. CST) on the National Geographic Channel. ...

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