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Agni Yoga, Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich

M. and H.R. on Fohat
Editor, Reverse Spins: These quotes were given to Nicholas and Helena Roerich by El Morya in the 20's and early 30's. El Morya who ascended in the late 1800's, is one of the founders of Theosophy as well as Agni Yoga. He then went on to cofound The Bridge to Freedom and then the Summit Lighthouse with Saint Germain. Nicholas Roerich, a Russian, spent many years in Tibet. He was truly a Renaissance man. His paintings are very original and have a special ethereal quality. He had a student in FDR's Cabinet. The book Leaves of Morya's Garden by Roerich was even on Elvis Presley's reading list. El Morya has written and dictated on almost every subject imaginable over the years—always with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing in a New Era. Here are his thoughts on Fohat. Note: Psychic in today's lexicon describes the belt of emotional substance or man's misqualified energy that hangs around the earth at low levels on the astral plane. The gradations of Fire and energy Morya speaks of is beyond that lower vibration. Also, when he speaks of Yoga he does not mean just physical postures and exercises. He is speaking of the conscious use of energy.

Agni Yoga, 1929 Agni Yoga, 139. The fire of Brahmavidya can be perceived only through the eyes. Words cannot express it, writings cannot express it, for its flame is within the thought that is not expressed in the physical shell. Only the lens of the eye can transmit the sparks of highest thought. Certain eyes can discern the sparks of the cosmic rays that the crude sight will think is simply the light of the sun. In order for the naked eye to perceive the cosmic ray as the sparks of Fohat, the fire of Brahmavidya is needed. The human word is ineffectual in expressing the nature of Brahmavidya. One may partially penetrate it with the spiritual sight by facing the outburst of rays with closed eyes. The growth of the fire of Brahmavidya will later permit perception with open eyes of those components of the rays that are imperceptible to any physical apparatus. This possibility is already akin to the domain of communion with the far-off worlds. It flashes up as unexpectedly as each illumination of consciousness. It does not respond to forced development, but comes when sufficient sensitivity of the organism has been developed. The Teacher does not force this possibility, but He rejoices when the sight is carried from darkness to light. The same is true of perception of the sounds of the far-off worlds. At first they appear undeniably in the depths of the consciousness and then, unexpectedly, they fly into the open, exultant ear. Those who do not understand enlightenment will not understand whereof I speak.

Agni Yoga, 144. Vessels brimming with spirit! Thus do We call those people who, on the basis of the experience of past lives and their decision to attain, expand their consciousness and thereby enter into an understanding of the foundations of evolution. If this definition seems unscientific to some, say, "Can't one compare a great toiler in the spiritual realm to a Leyden jar?" Of course, for thus is the outer energy accumulated, and in due time a discharge follows. Hard is the strain when the potential is ready but the time has not yet arrived, because the sensitive apparatus has already absorbed especially dangerous particles related to Primary Matter. As is known, Primary Matter itself—Materia Matrix—does not penetrate to the earthly sphere because of the whirling of the infected lower layers. But the so-called Fohat, which is the granulation of Primary Matter, can reach the earthly surface in the form of sparks and can even be discerned by some eyes when a ray of sunlight crosses the planetary ray, coloring the sparks according to the chemical composition of the ray. In addition to Fohat, the earthly surface is reached by the outflow of radiant matter, Materia Lucida. To a certain eyesight it will be perceptible as radiant currents and spots of light in space. These manifestations may be taken for a peculiarity of sight, or even for defective sight. But knowledge will reveal the deep significance they have for the organism. On the one hand, when they are recognized, the sparks of Fohat and the streams of Materia Lucida have a benevolent effect, for they imbue the spirit with an understanding of the necessity of evolution. On the other hand, being parts of the fiery element, they burn and can cause inflammation of the centers. The manifestations of the fiery element can be compared to the most intense colors of electrical discharges; but the electrical light-scale is limited, whereas the variegations of the light-sparks of Fohat are beyond imagination. The light of Fohat is comparable to that emanating from precious crystals. Nurturing the psychic energy, Fohat paves the way to the far-off worlds, whereas Materia Lucida weaves the strengthening of the consciousness. One strengthens, the other leads into the limitless ocean of perfectment. These are the wonderful gifts of Great Aum!

Agni Yoga, 145. At first you were both shown how the basic laws of matter work. You participated in levitation and in experiments with the materialization and teleportation of objects. These were performed not for amusement, but for the purpose of seeking serious knowledge. After that you were shown the astral world, but not for immersion in it. Expanding the consciousness, you received the ability to see auras and images of earlier incarnations. Having finished with the semi-material world, we then approached cosmic clairvoyance and clairaudience. Using the opened centers of Sister Urusvati, rays of different kinds and the structure of the most subtle substances could be shown. Thus we approached the realization of far-off worlds, which is close to the element of fire and therefore dangerous. That is why a period of treatment with cold was needed. The results were brilliant—because of having achieved the so-called prismatic sight, it became possible to perceive the granulation of Fohat without undue shock to the organism. Why is it important to experience the manifestation of Fohat? The granulation of this finest energy is at the basis of cosmic condensations. This means that it is precisely Fohat that is the father providing the impetus for the formation of new spatial bodies. He who attains knowledge of the far-off worlds will feel the strength and beauty of the crystals of Fohat. This is a difficult experience, and We rejoice for Urusvati, because the physical body is rarely capable of assimilating the finest energies.

Agni Yoga, 163. He who would swim must dive fearlessly into the water. And he who has determined to master Agni Yoga must transform through it his entire life. Why do people think they can begrudge to the Yoga a portion of some idle hour, while giving the rest of the time to impure thought? Truly, all actions must be infused with purifying one's fiery striving. Recall how I began with you the attainment of Agni Yoga. Similarly, lead your disciples into the domain of the mastery of the Fiery Yoga. Like sculptors, begin to shape the different surfaces of the raw matter. Suddenly and continually strike sparks of the fire of life from the surface of chaos. As the play of the Great Mother gathers power in the spiral turns of the energy of Fohat, thus fearlessly offer to people a complete—more complete than expected—understanding of the whole of life in the realization of the Infinite. Do not be concerned with the rising and falling of the spirit. These are only turns in the spiral of motion. Far worse are a continuous inattentiveness and self-concern. Let Agni Yoga lead on the path of building the flame, a process equivalent to the unending creation of cosmic formations. This most synthesizing Yoga exacts an obligation to construct one's entire life in accordance with a discipline that is externally imperceptible. If this essential discipline is not seen as chains, but is perceived as the joy of responsibility, we can consider the first Gates open. When cooperation with the far-off worlds is embraced, then will the second Gates be unbarred. And when the foundations of evolution are understood, the bolts will fall from the third Gates. And finally, when the superiority of the densified astral body has been recognized, then will the locks of the fourth Gates fall away. Together with this ascent the fires of the centers of knowledge are ignited, and amidst the lightning bolts of the subtlest energies, straight-knowledge unfolds. Cherish, then, the fire of knowledge and guard the growing power.

Agni Yoga, 220. Agni Yoga is not just the progressive development of human ability; it leads one to a balanced contact with the fiery cosmic energies that reach our planet at the prescribed time. This fact must be clearly understood, otherwise a succession of sicknesses will spread, and their treatment by external measures can only lead to disastrous results. How can one be cured of these fiery illnesses? The inner fires must be utilized as a useful, psychically active force. How can one cure the pains in the spine that are caused by the awakening of Kundalini? He who knows will welcome the pains and relieve them by rubbing in mint. How can we stop the burning of the third eye when it begins to function? Is it not wiser to help its development by shielding it from the sun? Long ago people knotted their hair on the crowns of their heads in order to protect this channel. Can one stop the movement of the solar plexus when it begins to rotate? Any forcing of the solar serpent can result in injury to the brain. Equally dangerous is any interruption of the functioning of the center of the Chalice. Of course, any poisoning by narcotics, such as opium, will stop the movement of the centers; but then, decapitation would be even simpler! One can imagine what confusion would be caused by these inexplicable movements of the centers if we did not think of them in terms of psychic energy. Strange as it may seem, a study of the physical traces of imperil can lead to an understanding of the accumulations of psychic energy. One can observe the traces of imperil in any nerve channel. But it also can be noticed that, around the granulations of this poisonous viper, is gathered another substance that absorbs it—accumulations of psychic energy are found there too, because each energy has its physical crystal. Whoever has seen the crystals of Fohat and Materia Lucida knows how visible are the crystals of even the most subtle energies. The true direction of research will be towards the study of both the physical plane of energies and the invisible energies saturating space. The way of the metaphysician has not brought meaningful results, and the alchemist is resting in his coffin. But chemistry will uncover tangible reality when it reaches a true understanding of psychic energy and all-binding fire. I consider it necessary for Us simply to provide opportunities, for freedom of the will must not be violated. Whoever wishes to will understand! Explicit formulas should never be given. There must be room for free will.

Agni Yoga, 229. By making use of the magnetism of the heights and the opened centers of Sister Urusvati, We were able to study in her the crystals of Fohat and Materia Lucida, the accumulations of imperil, and the emanations of psychic energy. Consider that if the emanations of psychic energy are visible to her naked eye, then they have real substance. And whatever is tangible can be concentrated to make possible the collecting of a new vital force. Thus it is precisely through the experimental methods of the laboratory that the mastery of new energies will be approached. Using their own natural emanations, people can create a store of new vitality. The energy scattered throughout space can be directly apprehended. This is why it is necessary to pay attention to the development of psychic energy. This is why the City of Knowledge, high in the mountains, is so needed. Agni Yoga, 403. It is essential not to mislead newcomers into thinking that the Teaching of Agni Yoga is easy. Truly, it is not easy, for there is much tension and danger in it. No one should be seduced by the idea of honeyed ease. Gaining mastery of the fires is a slow process. Premature and hasty steps threaten the striving one with conflagration. What seemed to be a high achievement is later seen as low, when one is on the next step. You know how difficult it is to see Fohat, how the cumulative efforts of many years are required for one to be able to see this energy. But what will a weak spirit say when he learns that beyond Fohat is Para-Fohat, which in turn is nourished by Pan-Fohat! These energies can fill only the strongest consciousness with rejoicing and with love. Few are the trusted builders who with self-denial accept the thoughts coming from space into the chalice of their hearts. They are not frightened of being scorched by the fires of the far-off worlds. They do not resent bearing the burden of anguish caused by surrounding imperfection. They are approached by the super-radiant fires of space and exchange thought with the sparks of spatial consciousness, silently kindling thoughts and answering questions. Weighty is the protective canopy of blessing, but it alone provides entrance into the highest Abode. The ancient teachings use symbols of construction to represent the entrusted task. Their true meaning should be understood. Around an Agni Yogi you will always find construction, whose very difficulties are stepping stones in the overcoming of imperfection. Manifestations of Light are not easy to achieve, but then the Fire of Space illumines the far-off worlds. Do not bring weak ones near, for they cannot hold on to the treasure. It is better to entrust the task only to those few who will be able to make right decisions for correct action. They will learn to love the difficulties and will not betray.

Infinity I, 1930 Infinity I, 5. Have you thought about the spirit-creativeness on the future planets? Is it possible that all began with you and will end with you? Does any process cease? The chain of worlds is endless; where one planet crumbles another one is born. Truth wrestles with death, and when skeptics say, "It is the end," We say, "It is the beginning!" Understanding of the manifested evolution will reveal the triumph of Truth. Shall we not share in the triumph? Shall we seal our vessels still empty? Shall we reject the transmission of the power of consciousness? When I say utilize the manifested rays, when I say fill the chalice of knowledge, when I say design the best creations through straight-knowledge, when I say strength lies in the limitlessness of knowledge-it means lend an open ear to the cosmic whirls, it means search the radiance of Fohat, it means manifest understanding of the music of the spheres. On your planet We have Our entrusted one, who has drained the chalice of sublime experiments. She is sent to you as a witness of cosmic manifestations, as a bearer of My missions, as your prophetess of the future. Therefore, the concept of Redeemers is so vital. Precisely the fact that the sublime experiments were undergone is convincing. Humanity should learn especially from such experience as that issuing from the higher spheres and lived through on Earth. Verily, you have the highest and the lowest!

Infinity I, 8. The evolution of all that exists is not separate from the evolution of each spirit; it is as one spiral in eternal motion. The spiritual consciousness impelled to Our heights accumulates treasures and offers those gifts to Space. Through spiritual consciousness your planet is enriched. Materialism does not move evolution. Materialistic consciousness, pushing toward immobility, breeds the mosquitoes subsisting in the stagnant waters. The cause of the immobility of thought is terrifying. There is no endless rest. Therefore, do not tarry on one spot; either the shifting will swallow you or you will help the cosmic revolution. The basis of everything is the spiral, and you must understand the essence of the eternal Spatial Fire. Many fear to understand Eternity, but how beautiful is the realized grandeur of Eternity! Only the spirit that has contacted the Fire knows the full beauty of its radiance. A spirit deprived of the power streaming from the luminaries is deprived of the essence of the Cosmic Fire and cuts off the current manifested by Fohat. The definition of Eternity lives only in consciousness. The broader the consciousness, the more vividly glows the ray of consciousness. The more clearly, then, resounds Our call to him who has realized the beauty of evolution. Verily, what has been said about universal thought must be applied in life.

Infinity I, 39. When the differentiation of the elements occurred, the cosmic force did not disunite itself. The manifestation of heterogeneous cosmic fires is but one rotation on the wheel of Fohat. Fohat is in everything, and various manifestations carry its expression. Urusvati knows the myriads of sparks of Fohat when the sparks of Materia Matrix fill the space. Each spark is the essence of Be-ness. Each particle is the essence of various forms. Each atom breathes through Fohat. Fohat and its sparks are one; likewise one is the Universe in all its forms. Differentiation comes from rotation, but there is no arbitrariness. The power of rotation and attraction enriches the Cosmos with the manifestations of the action of fires. The spatial waves produce an effect which calls forth conscious creativeness. The creativeness of Cosmos and the impulse of consciousness are the propellers of energy; hence, nothing can be dissociated in Eternity. Space is perfecting construction, and great is the surplus tension of the speeding forces!

Infinity I, 41. The acquirement of the cooperation of cosmic forces brings us closer to the source of atomic energy. Our science can reach the tension of this energy if only the explosion of consciousness will occur. Much can be derived from the complex cosmic combinations. Earthly concepts are garbed in uniform manifestations or in prejudice. Commune with the Infinite and be a part of it, part of all the beauty of cosmic energy. We shall untiringly repeat about the energy of Infinity. When humanity will understand the sparks of fohat and accept the countless manifestations of matter not yet in the state of cohesion, then will the new formulae be manifested. Half of the manifestations of cosmic forces await humanity in Eternity. Why not utilize all the powers of radioactivity and all radiations of the myriads of rays! What remains for our planet to extract from the Primary Source is evident through the conception of Infinity. Our planet is stratified and permeated by the properties of cosmic fires; and man, as a magician, can propel his magnetic power according to his desire. He can express his striving through the tension of his psychic energy directed into Space. Clarity of thought gives impetus to this direction. We are not speaking of magic formulae, but We wish to direct your spirit toward the limitless possibilities. The belief that all is illusion results in curtailment of one's self-expression. Cosmogony and astro-chemistry are as applicable as are geography and history. Could you but know what the Lords have seen, you would find understanding of the immensity of non-concatenated matter. Not the mystery of a temple, but the Sacrament of Infinity!

Infinity I, 191. The manifestation of cosmic fires, imperceptible to humanity, is the main action of the Cosmic Magnet. The ascertainment of the Magnet in life has become a science for the further advancement of humanity. The linking of the Magnet with life provides correlation with the entire cosmic cycle. We are raising humanity out of the conditions of the lower sphere into the sphere of limitless thought. Limitations imprison the spirit by that bolted chain which destroys the best cosmic currents. In limitless thought is encompassed the whole cosmic action, and out of Materia Lucida Fohat creates. It is instructive to know that the most fiery process can be achieved by the spirit, and the transmutation of fires inspires to the further process. Thus, the chain of manifested strivings confirms the infinite world of mutual creation.

Infinity I, 199. The far-off worlds possess the power of atomic energy. The Universe, based on the manifestation of eternal motion, is asserted in all processes through the tremor of life. Differentiation, as well as unification, is asserted by the tremor of life. This vibrating life permeates Space, and by this impulse lives are created. When the Creative Principle became manifest, Fohat created through Materia Lucida, and this granulation of Being carried life out into Space. Our human consciousness must be transmuted, that we may understand how the spheres are distributed. These granulations of the worlds do not represent sparks of Fohat but express vitality in various tensities. The pulse of life asserts itself in every sphere with a different tension, and with each impulse it must rise to the Infinite. After the differentiation of Atoms has taken place, the life throb carries the particles toward various ends. A combination of particles is carried along, moved by the force of Fire. During blending of the atom, this process is subject to the law of the nature of the Cosmic Magnet. The consciousness gathers in the same way as the force of the Magnet. During separation, instinct guides the tension of each inception as a new cosmic force. The earthly existence of the atom and its consciousness is affirmed as the psycho-life itself.

Infinity I, 391. When a new mission is confirmed, bristling needles are always apparent. However, these needles of antagonism become but blunted intentions. Those who battle under Our Shield walk courageously and, having accepted the rhythm of the course of the Cosmic Magnet, can verily know victory. True, voices will rise against the great Truth of Agni Yoga. The zealots of the church and the servants of darkness will not prevail against the sparks of Fohat. Certainly, the affirmation of Agni Yoga smites the encumbrances under which people nest. Therefore, Agni Yoga challenges all servants of darkness. Thus true evolution is created. Verily, it is difficult for the quivering Mother of Agni Yoga. Verily, it is difficult for the warrior, the Agni Yogi, but the ascent affords an increase of all forces. Thus, those who turn the rudder of the Cosmic Magnet affirm the point of attraction. Those who walk united in heart assuredly conquer.

Hierarchy, 1931 Hierarchy, 236. It is correct to investigate the importance of vitamins, but one should also experiment with the reaction of psychic energy. One can see that a conscious consumption of vitamins manifoldly increases their usefulness. Likewise, it can be observed that the absorption of vitamins while one is irritated may increase imperil, since an unconscious energy is strengthened at a point where consciousness is gathered. One can understand why the partaking of food was considered sacred by the ancients. It is easy to understand to what an extent realization multiplies all energies. So many simple experiments can be performed with a minimum of observation. In order to increase respect for consciousness one may call energy Atma, or psyche, or life, or consider it sacred, but it is necessary to study its significance. By this channel we approach Fohat, or atomic energy. It is essential to observe the microcosm and transfer the formula to the Infinite.

Heart, 1932 Heart, 291. With keenness, it is possible to observe many scientifically significant manifestations. One can observe how blows upon the aura not only react upon the eyes but also upon the sensitiveness of the skin, especially near the shoulder-rays. So, also one can notice the emanations of light from the most unexpected materials—from wood, linen, glass, rubber, and many objects that do not conform to the usual laws. Of course, you know that so-called electricity represents the most coarse form of the visible energy of Fohat. But when the accumulator—the purified heart—permits passage of the manifestation of the subtle Fohat, then light of a special quality emanates from any surface. Fohat is accumulating everywhere, it is only necessary to reveal it by a sufficiently sensitive apparatus. Only the heart can be such an accumulator. Of course, this cannot be easy when, from a tiger to Fohat, it is necessary to assimilate a multitude of energies.

Heart, 350. Parallel with pressure one can feel apparent void. This sensation should be observed very carefully. Often this is a certain defensive area which guards the heart from destructive blows, a type of defensive armor. One should be aware of this condition. Some regard this sensation as a severing and are unnecessarily distressed; others regard this sensation as the cessation of danger and abandon their vigilance. Either one impedes the flow of energy. But the already experienced warrior values this shield which so greatly guards his strength. You already know that the blows upon the aura are especially painful for the eyes and ears, but there may be some sensations of a cut or pierced wound. These sensations are especially painful upon the shoulders, the neck, and the lower abdomen. Thus, these sensations may also be felt at the opening of the wounds—stigmata; then the energy of the heart draws a condensed fohatic particle toward this definite spot and injures the cellular tissue of the skin texture. Thus the fusion of the heart with the energy of Bliss offers the strongest combination.

Fiery World I, 1933 Fiery World I, 239. By means of his fiery nature man can discover subterranean ores and waters. This occult attribute has already become an accepted factor. Since such an application of fiery energy is possible, it means that there can also be many other manifestations of Agni. Combinations of fiery energy with sound, color, or with other fiery branches of the one great Fohat vouch for the regeneration of the entire world outlook. Let people simply draw near to the streams of fiery Uruvela. Everyone possesses the fiery energy to some degree. The applications of Fohat are numerous; not only people of the fiery element but even those belonging to the other elements can draw from the chalice of Fohat. If the experiments of thought upon plants have shown remarkable results, then there can also be observations upon the effects of thought on a flame. Under a current of fiery thought, a flame can begin to approach or recede. The Egyptian Mysteries pointed out the special power of thought that has been sent through flame. In this advice was contained the recognition of the fieriness of thought. Thus, one can turn the attention of people to the Fohatic spheres.

Fiery World I, 337. Why do the Fiery Beings seldom appear to Earth-dwellers? For this also there is a scientific explanation. The Sublime One said, "Touch me not." Thus simply was pronounced the essence of relation between the Fiery World and the earthly one. To the earthly senses the Fiery World is like a powerful dynamo. The earthly body is consumed by contact with a Fiery Being; proximity alone is enough to stop the heart of the incarnate one. A lighted torch should not be brought into an inflammable dwelling. Even the most mundane physician knows how much electric force a human heart can withstand, and the intensity of common electricity is not to be compared with that of the fiery forces. The manifestation of Fohat itself may not always be visible. How rarely, then, can the Radiant Guests appear! Being undisciplined, people either become terrified or try to touch, and thus are consumed. Let us not forget that fear can burn away the heart. Even in white magic, during positive invocations, the invoker encloses himself in a circle in order to protect himself from the fiery currents. Of course, the heart that recognizes Fire can gradually assimilate it.

Fiery World I, 369. You explained quite correctly the curing of the case of tuberculosis, known to you. In fact, many cases of disease, especially among women, come from the kindling of the centers. But this conflagration can be quenched by giving a useful direction to the consciousness. It is possible that the fiery consciousness had been knocking for a long time, but the sparks of Fohat penetrated the region of the Chalice without being utilized. It is in this way that the conflagration starts, and tuberculosis is the most common result of unassimilated Fire. To assimilate in consciousness means also to assimilate physically. This connection of consciousness with the body is especially noticeable in the example of Fire, which causes a quite apparent physical deterioration if the Fire is not realized. Therefore, during illness, especially catarrhal ones, it is useful to perform a fiery pranayama. This pranayama is very simple—the usual inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth while directing the prana to the seat of the disease. But for intensification of the action one should keep in mind that the Fire of Space is being inhaled and the consumed Ur, exhaled. Thus, Fire is again the remedy, and the physician can alleviate the condition of the patient by assuring him of how easy it is to attract the basic energy. Fortunately, sickness strengthens one attitude toward faith, and a seriously ill patient will accept the reality of Fire more readily.

Fiery World I, 392. Let us turn once again to the consequences of malice. When a half-blind mole gropes his way about the underground of the Subtle World, he may stumble into discharges of Fohat. These strong discharges, which are like lightning, are very painful. You have seen the electric armor of the spiritual battle. The striving of the psychic energy shakes the entire being. One cannot touch or even approach such a living apparatus. In conformity with such tension the entire surrounding sphere is charged. Destruction and extreme pain will repel each dark one who approaches. Thus, it should be repeated once more that malice plunges one into darkness, and darkness is full of dangerous surprises.

Fiery World I, 420. Sparks and other manifestations of light produce much of the connective tissue with the Subtle World. One can even notice streams of sparks issuing from the mouth and eyes when the fiery tension is strong. It can be asked whether these are electrical phenomena. In answer one must say they are rather phenomena of Fohat, which are related to the energy of the Fiery World. Thus, those who have eyes and ears not clogged with the dross of ignorance can observe much not only of the Subtle but also of the Fiery World. One must not, in self-depreciation, think that for us on Earth the Fiery World is inaccessible. The Covenants relate that certain persons of no especial learning instantaneously and directly approached the most Fiery Summits. Every religion speaks of such assertions.

Fiery World I, 443. The most difficult yet indispensable discipline is comprised in actions for the good of the world. It is not easy to watch oneself in order to reject egoistic thoughts and actions. But when the entire personality is consecrated to the world, discipline is not only easy but is even not felt. To find a starting point for renunciation means to construct a straight path to the Fiery World. The affirmation of personality with all its astrochemical implications is not egoism, which stifles the aspirations toward ascent itself. Egoism is of Earth. It does not exist in the Fiery World. Its remains in the Subtle World are like heavy chains. It is not difficult to perceive how the meaning of egoism ends with the earthly state, it is not applicable to the subtle ascent. Earth-dwellers, finding themselves in the Subtle World, are especially amazed at the absence of egoism in its higher spheres. Nothing so greatly helps to put an end to earthly accounts as the liberation from egoism. Being conscious of the Fiery World reveals in the simplest way how worthless are the tortures engendered by egoism. The Light of the Fiery World acts as a great disinfectant. The crystals of Fohat are so greatly concentrated in this radiance that each approach to this power purifies our psychic energy. I consider that self-discipline directed to the General Good is the most immediate means for great achievements.

Fiery World II, 1934 Fiery World II, 128. A renewal of energies is required in everything. The most powerful manifestations are in need of higher currents. Schools have the task of developing in students the understanding of the unity of the elements. It has been thought that the composition of the air is the same everywhere. People have thought like this up to the present, otherwise they would have taken suitable measures. People drink water and say-it is simply water; fire is simply fire. But even fire could be investigated from the point of view of the Fiery World. Beginning with the diversity of electrical manifestations, it is possible to arrive at the luminosity of objects and animals. One can find in certain species of fishes interesting degrees of luminosity. If we begin to analyze the composition of this luminosity, we can see, besides the ordinary processes, something indescribable, especially among deep water creatures. Amidst these compressed organisms appears one of the qualities of the subtlest Fire. Thus it is possible to observe comparable data upon antipodes. Amidst rare factions of the air and amid ethereal explosions similar differentiations of Fohat are glowing. Beings of the middle strata cannot endure the pressure of the oceanic depths, just as they are not adapted to ethereal vibrations; nevertheless certain hints may be found in observations which are already taking place. With sorrow did We follow two scientists-one descending into the depths, the other striving to the heights. Both had useful problems, but neither of them had in view the study of the degree of Fire, as an element. Naturally, their attempts were inadequate. Remarkable are the depths, and the heights still more so. But the basis of striving was right. Gradually there may be found apparatus sufficiently protective, but if the problem of spatial Fire will not be dealt with, again useful possibilities will be lost. In the fiery body we observe a great deal, but only with the help of Hierarchy. But it would be extremely opportune if scientists would put before themselves the problem of the Fire of space. Even by means of hints they would arrive at the realization of the pressure of the fiery element. Our disciples sustain it by the prophylaxis of the heart, but for the crowds, hints from various sources are needed. Crowds will perish from the fiery element. Why then do they not attempt to learn about this element?

Fiery World II, 271. Sparks of fohat indicate the degree of tension; there is obviously an unprecedented tension throughout the World. You do not know and cannot imagine the extent of the encounters.

Fiery World III, 1935 Fiery World III, 268. Fohat, as actually omnipresent Fire, is hardly understood. Equally little understood is the Laboratory of the Universe. The great Inhaling and Exhaling of the Cosmos must be applied to all manifestations. In fact, hardly pondered over is the exchange of forces being projected and returned into the treasury of the Cosmos. Thus, the role of humanity does not consist in borrowing only; there must be included a process of returning the forces with which it has been saturated during communion with the Fire of space. Thus, taking this communion as the Truth, it is possible to reveal why, in fact, there is such a difference between the giving and the returning. The extent of this difference is just the measure of that which on the Cosmic Scales represents the Karma of humanity. The ignorant are astonished that the Subtle World can be chaotic; but one should ponder as to how sparks of Fohat remain not fecundated, and how many forces remain either unapplied or distorted. On the path to the Fiery World one must deeply absorb the understanding of the chaos of humanity's consciousness.

Fiery World III, 269. Indeed, the very loftiest consciousness strives toward the Fiery Principle, while the lower one creates the Higher Image in its own likeness. The capacity of the small consciousness will determine the created Image, hence so many obvious distortions! How is it possible to fill a small consciousness with an Universal Concept, when all-comprehensiveness leads the spirit into a frenzy. I say—distressing, grievous is human thinking! A spatial horizon is accessible only to him who knows the Universality of the Principle, for the kingly spirit can merge with the Higher Principle precisely as the microcosm merges with Macrocosm. Hence, a small spirit cannot merge with the Fiery Principle. Fiery power reveals the entire Furnace, manifested to him who senses the pulse of the Fiery World. This life-giving Principle builds life upon Fohat. Thus, let us remember that only a small consciousness denies, but the fiery spirit is all-comprehending. On the path to the Fiery World let us remember about the great Principle.

Fiery World III, 270. Spatial Fire contains within itself those sparks of Fohat which are attracted to all vital manifestations in the Cosmos. Thus, these sparks nurture each life, and according to the potentiality of the being, these sparks are multiplied in their impellent attraction. Their rarefaction is connected with the pressure or accumulation in space, hence one can investigate where is taking place construction for good or destruction. One can interlay the strata of space with thought about the fiery energies and with strivings of the spirit. On the path to the Fiery World let us affirm thinking about the impellent thought of Fire.

Fiery World III, 271. It is affirmed that it is possible to draw blood out of every single thing in Nature. The World holds such vast potential powers that one must penetrate into and absorb the meaning of this great formula. Being accustomed to physical definitions, man applies all formulas physically; but what is needed is to correct this distortion and renew the truth, returning to a conscious employment of higher concepts. It is not blood that can be squeezed out of a stone, but a spark of Fohat, which lives in and animates everything in Nature. And in the spiritual World is the same law. But with the gradual growth of conscious cooperation with the Cosmic Magnet, the spirit acquires that fiery magnetism which corresponds to sparks of Fohat. Nothing of physical psychism has anything in common with this spiritual magnetism. Indeed, the lofty experience of Agni Yoga results in this spiritual magnetism. So powerful is the action of such magnetism that the thought of such an Agni Yogi, by attracting sparks of Fohat out of space, creates through the Will of the Sender. On the path to the Fiery World the attraction of the spirit is a great creative power.

Fiery World III, 273. Fohat penetrates all the manifestations with which life is saturated. Precisely into the spiritual manifestations are sparks of Fohat drawn, for the Cosmic Fire saturates all identical affirmations. Therefore contiguity with the current of the Cosmic Magnet attracts sparks of Fohat. These fiery assistants affirm each protective action. Just as the protective network acts around the body, so also acts the Fohatic net. The bond between the protective network and the Fohatic consists of the same fiery spirals which emanate from the depths of the centers. Indeed, the Fohatic network is that magnetic body which the spirit, through powerful striving and tension, weaves around all manifestations which it wishes to guard. Thus is the space being cemented with each tense action which goes along with the Cosmic Magnet.

Fiery World III, 274. Therefore, the flaming heart can affirm each manifestation. For the revealed magnet of the heart attracts sparks of Fohat. Hence the heart, which creates in the name of Cosmic Right, has that powerful force, and gathers together sparks of Fohat and arrays with them those manifestations which are intensified for creativeness. This magnet of the fused heart creates on all planes. Therefore Our Heart creates so fierily. It is the heart which can contain each affirmed degree of Fire. Such a heart can be affirmed only by cosmic Right. The Heart which realizes Cosmic Right has all the Fires.

Fiery World III, 276. The sparks of Fohat line up into various extended threads and channels of transmission upon which subtle energies can be directed into space. Sparks of Fohat influenced by the fiery consciousness respond and collect together, for they are thus saturated with the fiery emanations of spirit and heart. These currents can resist all spatial assaults, for they are intensified by a fiery will. It has been said, "He who raises the sword perishes by the sword." Precisely, not the sword of the spirit, but the destructive sword whose name is the malign striving of selfhood. Truly, the sparks of Fohat can resist this sword. Where there is the crude physical sword, there is also disaster. But lofty and invincible is the sword of the spirit, for with it abide the Heavenly Forces.

Fiery World III, 316. The essential nature of one's striving depends upon the potential of the spirit. The urge for confluence with the Cosmos directs the spirit to the significance of unity throughout the Universe. The realization that the spirit is manifested as the engenderer of all that exists, and as the bearer of what has been engendered, will compel man to understand all Karmic ties. All the existing laws of Cosmic Construction indicate this unbreakable unity. How otherwise could the events of the world be explained? All Light-bearers manifest vigilance for this unity. Nourished by the unity of Cosmic fire, each spirit compares equally with a spark of Fohat. On the path to the Fiery World let us strive with regenerated consciousness for union with the Cosmos.

Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 1929-1935. Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 12 September 1934. "Indeed, the very loftiest consciousness strives toward the Fiery Principle, while the lower one creates the Higher Image in its own likeness. The capacity of the small consciousness will determine the created Image, hence so many obvious distortions! How is it possible to fill a small consciousness with a Universal Concept, when all-comprehensiveness leads the spirit into a frenzy. I say - distressing, grievous is human thinking! A spatial horizon is accessible only to him who knows the Universality of the Principle, for the kingly spirit can merge with the Higher Principle precisely as the microcosm merges with the Macrocosm. Hence, a small spirit cannot merge with the Fiery Principle. Fiery power reveals the entire Furnace manifested to him who senses the pulse of the Fiery World. This life-giving Principle builds life upon Fohat. Thus, let us remember that only a small consciousness denies, but the fiery spirit is all-comprehending. On the path to the Fiery World let us remember about the great Principle."*

Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 15 September 1934. "Indeed, the very loftiest consciousness strives toward the Fiery Principle, while the lower one creates the Higher Image in its own likeness. The capacity of the small consciousness will determine the created Image, hence so many obvious distortions! How is it possible to fill a small consciousness with a Universal Concept, when all-comprehensiveness leads the spirit into a frenzy. I say - distressing, grievous is human thinking! A spatial horizon is accessible only to him who knows the Universality of the Principle, for the kingly spirit can merge with the Higher Principle precisely as the microcosm merges with Macrocosm. Hence, a small spirit cannot merge with the Fiery Principle. Fiery power reveals the entire Furnace manifested to him who senses the pulse of the Fiery World. This life-giving Principle builds life upon Fohat. Thus, let us remember that only a small consciousness denies, but the fiery spirit is all-comprehending. On the path to the Fiery World let us remember about the great Principle." *

Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 1 February 1935. The Subjective Element (God) is spoken of in the Agni Purana. "It exists potentially in the depths of Cosmic Nature, even as fire is hidden in a piece of dry wood, and as oil exists in the heart of the kunjut tree. This subjective element rests in Nature, hidden as a psychic witness or spiritual element, entirely neutral and not acting. The fusion of this subjective element with Cosmic Nature is effected by a force known as Fohat (cosmic electricity). This energy holds all the embryos and fundamental qualities of all beings and of Matter, which must consequently issue from this union of Cosmic Nature with her consort Puman (Spirit, Subjective Element, God)."

Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 1 February 1935. "Indeed, the very loftiest consciousness strives toward the Fiery Principle, while the lower one creates the Higher Image in its own likeness. The capacity of the small consciousness will determine the created Image, hence so many obvious distortions! How is it possible to fill a small consciousness with a Universal Concept, when all-comprehensiveness leads the spirit into a frenzy. I say - distressing, grievous is human thinking! A spatial horizon is accessible only to him who knows the Universality of the Principle, for the kingly spirit can merge with the Higher Principle precisely as the microcosm merges with Macrocosm. Hence, a small spirit cannot merge with the Fiery Principle. Fiery power reveals the entire Furnace, manifested to him who senses the pulse of the Fiery World. This life-giving Principle builds life upon Fohat. Thus, let us remember that only a small consciousness denies, but the fiery spirit is all-comprehending. On the path to the Fiery World let us remember about the great Principle."*

Letters Of Helena Roerich I, 20 April 1935. Fohat is the subtlest fiery energy, and if it contacts an unprepared organism it may burn and cause torturous fiery death. I myself saw Fohat with my physical eyes, and was full of wonder at the splitting of the sun rays into millions of luminous sparks of Fohat. Afterwards I suffered a slight singeing of the centers. Likewise, I saw the crystal of Materia Lucida. All this was shown to me by the Great Teacher. I also was twice on the verge of fiery death, and was saved by the Rays of the Great Teacher. But this degree of experience is rather rare and one has to go through the preparatory degrees of fiery manifestation, otherwise an inopportune death would result. When the right moment comes for the assimilation of the higher fiery energies, the events of life are so arranged that the disciple comes to the right place where such experience can be given. If a disciple is ready, nothing can prevent him from receiving what is well deserved. As it is said in the Teaching, "each one will allot to himself his share."

Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 1935-1939. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 30 July 1935. And now with regard to divine Love, what else can it be but the Great Principle, or the beginning of attraction, or affinity, or that very Fohat in its differentiation as Divine Love (Eros), the electric power of affinity and sympathy, allegorically manifested in the attempt to combine the pure spirit, which is a ray inseparable from the One or Absolute, with the soul. These two form the monad in man, whereas in nature it is the first link between the eternally unconditional and the manifested.

Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 8 October 1935. 1. The non-consuming fire, the burning bush of Moses, is the so-called heavenly fire, which can be manifested only when there is contact with an aura of certain tension. N. K. and I witnessed such fire during our journeying in Tibet. Once, late in the evening, this fiery phenomenon occurred in our tent quite unexpectedly. My husband was already asleep. I came to my bed and stretched out my arm to turn down the blanket, and suddenly there arose a pillar, or rather a fire of wonderful silvery-purple-rose-flame. At first I did not realize what was happening, and with an exclamation, "Fire! Fire!" attempted to beat it out with my hands. But the fire was not extinguished, nor did the tongues of flame burn my hands, and I felt only a pleasant living warmth. Hearing my voice, my husband awoke and saw me standing against the background of this flame. The whole incident did not last more than a quarter of a minute, perhaps less, and the flame disappeared just as suddenly as it appeared. After this manifestation I saw the crystals of Materia Lucida and spirals, and the sparks of Fohat. However, these latter experiences resulted in a slight singeing of the centers.

Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 14 May 1937. And yet one can cite a series of earnest attempts to study the transmission of thought. Thus, Professor Rhine of Duke University successfully experiments along these lines, and he has succeeded in attracting the attention of the scientific world by using a new scientific name for his experiments - "extrasensory perception." As you know, mesmerism was also cruelly ridiculed and rejected at one time, but as soon as it was labeled with a new name, hypnotism, it was accepted by science. As H. P. Blavatsky wrote, "Mesmerism is a new nose on a very old face." Indeed, one could write a scientific treatise on the significance of terminology and of its psychological effect upon certain types of consciousnesses. Nevertheless, the most ancient Fohat or the Egyptian Tum are destined to be acknowledged in the coming epoch. Thus, psychic, or primary, energy will at last attain citizenship, regardless of what name or appearance it was manifested under before. Such recognition will mark the entrance of humanity into the new era of greatest discoveries, which will bring about the so much needed reappraisal of values. Therefore, owing to the beginning of the New Epoch, which brings an unusual influx of psychic energy, it is necessary to awaken and to educate within ourselves the right attitude toward this two-edged power. In the books of Living Ethics (the Agni Yoga series) a manifold explanation of this energy is given for the first time, and methods of rational approach to its study are presented. A High Spirit, when in a physical body and in complete possession of the quality of divisibility of the spirit, can consciously act simultaneously on Earth and in interplanetary space, even visiting the nearest planets. At the same time, this divisibility of the spirit is in no way reflected in a lowering of the quality of His manifestation or activity in the earthly body, because the high energies released by Him do not as yet have application on our Earth.

Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 11 June 1937. Thus, Parafohat is the fundamental, or primary psychic energy in its highest cosmic aspect, and Fohat is its next aspect in the manifested Universe, the same psychic energy manifested as life force is diffused everywhere as PRANA. The time has come to bring into oneness the meaning of Primary Energy. Here is a paragraph from the Teaching: "No doubt you have been asked many times how to develop psychic energy and how to realize its usefulness. But it has been said enough that the heart that aspires to higher quality of all life will be the conductor of psychic energy. No forcible, conventionally accelerated movement toward a display of the heart's action will be useful. The heart is a most independent organ; it may be set free toward good, and it will hasten to be filled with energy. Likewise, only in friendly communions it possible to secure the fruits of unified energy. However, for this it is indispensable to understand what harmonious agreement is."

Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 16 August 1937. 3. Fohat, or cosmic electricity, is the foundation of all the electrophorous manifestations, and among them thought will be the highest quality of this energy. Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 16 August 1937. I will add more about psychic energy. Psychic energy is EVERYTHING. Psychic energy, being the primary energy, lies at the foundation of the manifested world. Psychic energy impresses images upon the plastic substance. Psychic energy is fohat, it is the Holy Ghost, it is love and striving. Psychic energy is the synthesis of all radiations of the nerves. Psychic energy is the great AUM. The development within oneself of a constant uninterrupted striving toward Light in all its manifestations will indeed result in the growth and development of this energy. Striving toward the perfectment of quality is at all times and in everything the shortest path for the development and refinement of psychic energy.

Letters Of Helena Roerich II, 1937. Thus, the moral Teachings acquire a completely unexpected biological foundation. And the significance of psychic energy, which is basically Fohatic, is thus affirmed. Fohat, as we know, is cosmic electricity, or the Primary Energy, which reveals itself in various stages on the plane of manifestation. Now you will also understand how beneficial are the vibrations that are sent by the Great Teacher during an illness. There is hardly a night when I do not experience these healing vibrations of various degrees of tension and duration.


These books are available as free downloads in three formats at the publisher. They are worth buying in book form however because they are little treasures. They are a perfect bedside book, a page or two just before sleep will do wonders.

If you are ever in New York I strongly recommend a trip to the: Nicholas Roerich Museum, 319 West 107th Street; NY, NY.