Powerful Meditations

From the Editor: The first meditation may not seem powerful or advanced but all meditation starts with the breath. Jack Kornfield comes from the Vipassana or Insight Meditation school which focuses on the control of the breath as essential before entering into more detailed meditations. His book and another listed below "Meditative States in Tibetan Buddhism" have numerous other worthwhile meditations. Copyright laws only permit a few excerpts. The meditations from Saint Germain and Djwal Kul may seem simple. They are not however, because they bring to the awareness of mankind for the first time in thousands of years, the powerful visualization of the Mighty I Am Presence and Holy Christ Self. To tap into that source correctly is the most powerful meditation of all.

1. From A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield; excerpt "Establishing a Daily Meditation:"

"Find a posture on the chair or cushion in which you can easily sit erect without being rigid. Let your body be firmly planted on the earth, your hands resting easily, your heart soft, your eyes closed gently. At first feel your body and consciously soften ant obvious tension. Let go of any habitual thoughts or plans. Bring your attention to feel the sensations of breathing. Take a few deep breaths to sense where you can feel the breath most easily, as coolness or tingling in the nostrils or throat, as movement of the chest, or rise and fall of the belly. Then let your breath be natural. Feel the sensations of your natural breathing very carefully, relaxing into each breath as you feel it, noticing how the soft sensations of breathing come and go with the changing breath.

"After a few breaths your mind will probably wander. When you notice this, no matter how long or short a time you have been away, simply come back to the next breath. Before you return, you can mindfully acknowledge where you have gone with a soft word in the back of your mind, such as "thinking," "wandering," hearing," itching." After softly and silently naming to yourself where your attention has been, gently and directly return to feel the next breath. Later on in your meditation you will be able to work with the places your mind wanders to, but for initial training, one word of acknowledgement and a simple return to the breath is best.

"As you sit, let the breath change by rhythms naturally, allowing it to be short, long, fast, slow, rough, or easy. Calm yourself by relaxing into the breath. When your breath becomes soft, let your attention become gentle and careful, as soft as the breath itself. ..." pp. 65-66

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2. El Morya from Agni Yoga:

"The kindling of the center of the lungs has afforded the yogis all possibilities, including those for the higher manifestations. This center endows one with mastery over water and air. Yogis have manifested themselves in flying and in walking upon the water, and specific gravity has become relative. The center of the lungs is at the foundation of all these so-called miracles. All the pains of martyrs disappeared through the control of this center, and in ecstasy, only the Chalice was functioning. This center may be called the fire-transmuter." El Morya from Infinity - Book 1 (1930) - 103.

"The inhalation of fire is practiced by certain yogis and is a purifying action. One should not understand this literally. One cannot inhale flames, but fiery emanations are useful. For such inhalation, the yogi chooses a quiet place, keeping his spine erect. Before him the yogi makes a fire of deodar wood, or, if deodar is unavailable, twigs of balu, so arranged that the smoke does not reach him. Then the yogi performs the usual pranayama, but in such a way that the emanations of the resin reach his breathing. There are two results - first, a purification of the body; second, the strengthening of the Agni energy. Nothing so helps the kindling of Agni as the properties of deodar. As you know insects cannot endure the strength of deodar resin. You also know that imperfect entities cannot approach the fire of this wood. Usually, the deodars prefer a volcanic soil to grow in; in this way a significant kinship is manifested. Volcanic soil in general merits study, along with its vegetation. Not only has the inhalation of fire been practiced by the yogis but also lying on deodar planks so that the spine comes in contact with the heart of the wood. Various records of antiquity indicate how ardently people have sought the fiery element. Experiments are necessary in order to understand the value of deodar. The significance of fire should be remembered in order to understand volcanic soil." Fiery World - Book 1 (1933) - 430.

3. FromUnveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King; Saint Germain states:

"The first step to the control of yourself is the stilling of all outer activity of both mind and body. Fifteen to thirty minutes at night before retiring and in the morning before beginning the day's work, using the following exercise, will do wonders for anyone who will make the necessary effort.

"For the second step: Make certain of being undisturbed, and after becoming very still, picture and feel your body enveloped in a Dazzling White Light. The first five minutes while holding this picture, recognize and feel intensely the connection between the outer-self and Your Mighty God Within, focusing your attention upon the heart center and visualizing it as a Golden Sun.

"The next step is the acknowledgement: 'I now joyously accept the fullness of the Mighty God Presence--the Pure Christ.' Feel the great brilliancy of the 'Light' and intensify It in every cell of your body for at least ten minutes longer.

"Then close the meditation by the command:

I Am a Child of the Light--I love the 'Light--I serve the 'Light'--I live in the 'Light'--I am protected, illumined, supplied, sustained by the 'Light,' and I bless the 'Light.'" p.11.

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Saint Germain

4.From Unveiled Mysteries (pp. 101-108) by Godfre Ray King; Saint Germain describes probably the most powerful meditation and visualization one can aspire too:

"True visualization," he answered, "is God's attribute and Power of Sight—acting in the mind of man. When one consciously pictures in his mind a desire he wishes fulfilled—he is using one of the most powerful means of bringing it into his visible, tangible experience. There is much confusion and uncertainty in the minds of many, concerning what actually happens—when one visualizes or makes a mental picture—of something he desires. No form ever came into existence—anywhere in the universe—unless some one had consciously held a picture of that form in his thought—for every thought contains a picture of the idea within it. Even an abstract thought has a picture of some kind—or at least a picture—that is one's mental concept of it.

"I will give you an exercise by which one may develop, consciously control, and direct his visualizing activities for definite accomplishment. There are several steps to the process—which every student can use at any and all times. The practice does bring visible, tangible results—when really applied. The first step—is to determine upon a definite plan or desire to be fulfilled. In this, see that it is constructive, honorable, and worthy of your time and effort. Be sure to examine your—motive—for bringing such a creation into expression. ..."

He continues on this page: True Visualization is God's Attribute and Power of Sight Acting in the Mind of Man.

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5. From The Human Aura by Kuthumi and Djwal Kul; excerpt "The Sacred Fire Breath" by Djwal Kul for the pursuing the Holy Spirit as the Sacred Fire Breath and for the balancing of the four lower bodies.

Djwal Kul recommends that this chart should be before the meditator with the lower figure at eye level. This way the I Am Presence and Christ Self are above as in real life. The energy flows down the crystal cord to the heart chakra and all of the chakras.

"Establish in mind, then, the concept of perpetual flow from the heart of the individualized God Self to the heart of the Christ Self to your own threefold flame pulsating in the rhythm of God's heartbeat. The sealing of your aura within the very heart of the expanding fire breath of God is accomplished by your I Am Presence through the Christ Self in answer to your call. Remember, it is God who is the decreer, the decree, and the fulfillment of the decree.

"Visualize your aura as an ovoid of white light extending beneath your feet, beneath the coil, [the coil is 10" in diameter and goes from your toes to your head. The individual coils are 3" apart.] above your head, and above the coil. See the aura increasing in the intensity of the light as that energy is expanded from the heart chakra and thence from all of the chakras as the sacred mist that is called the fire breath of God. Let its purity, wholeness, and love fill the ovoid of your aura; and feel your mind and heart disciplining that energy and holding it in the creative tension of your cosmic awareness. Conclude the giving of the call (three times) with the acceptance.

"Now you are ready for the exercise of the integration of the eighth ray. To the count of eight beats, draw in through your nostrils the sacred breath. When you first begin this exercise, you may wish to count the eight beats by the gentle tapping of your foot. The breath is drawn in through the nostrils as you fill first the belly and then the lungs with air. Let your diaphragm be inflated like a balloon, and see the air that you draw in as pure white light.

"Now to the count of eight beats, hold in the air and visualize it penetrating your physical form as the essence of the Holy Spirit which nourishes, stabilizes, and balances the interchange of energy in the physical atoms, molecules, and cells. Visualize this sacred energy flowing through your veins, moving through your nervous system, anchoring the essence of the balancing energies of the Holy Spirit in your form, and absorbing from your form all impurities which you now see being flushed out of your system as you exhale to the count of eight beats.

"Let the exhalation be deliberate and disciplined as you slowly release the air as though it were a substance being pressed out of a tube. You may round your lips to increase the tension of the exhalation. See and feel that breath being pushed out from the very pit of the stomach. You may lean forward if this helps to press out the last bit of air remaining in the diaphragm. Now let your head resume an erect posture, and hold without in breathing or out breathing to the final count of eight beats." pp. 143-145.

Djwal Kul goes on to explain that this should be done daily but not overdone with the use of the breath. He also says that this exercise balances the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies. He also suggests replacing the eight beat count, once you have mastered the meditation, with the mantra: " I Am Alpha and Omega."

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6. The Putting-on of the Garment of the Lord, from Beloved Lanello, 7\28\74

Here is another powerful meditation on the four lower bodies with an excellent analogy and visualization.

" ... Seated in the lotus posture or as you are most comfortable, now call upon the Christ to discipline all energy of life and being to be compressed in and as the nucleus of the atom of Self. Realize that in consciousness you yourself must enter this nucleus just as though you were actually stepping into a translucent mother-of-pearl globe. Here you find a forcefield teeming with life and complexity yet compressed for a concentration of light that will be released at the conclusion of your ritual–for a controlled bursting out of energy according to the lines of flux predetermined by your own Christ consciousness.

Now you take your place on the throne in the center of the globe. This is the fiery lotus of the heart from which you command all energies previously misqualified through the actions and interactions of the four lower bodies. Having withdrawn from the world of experience and sensation in and through those bodies, you now see with objectivity the world of maya and miasma which you have made and called your own. This outer world in which you live with such subjectivity is now seen beyond the globe, through the impersonal eye of the Christ, as a set of wheels within wheels, the vehicles of your soul for this incarnation–this opportunity to become the Word incarnate.

From this vantage point, you see your four lower bodies as chambers of consciousness. You can even think of them as a four-story house–the physical body corresponding to the basement and the foundation, the emotional body relating to the family activities that take place on the ground floor, the mental body indicating study, contemplation, and the activities of the mind on the first story, and the etheric body in the upper rooms or the attic representing the records of the past and the blueprint for the future. And one body blends into the next as, story by story, the steps of initiation over the spiral staircase take you from the basement to the skylight where the rays of the sun reveal even another segment of the shining pathway that leads back to the center. In reality, the chamber of the heart is a circular stairway to the stars fashioned out of the threefold flame–the sacred fire that translates the human consciousness into the divine.

Standing on the stairs as though examining the house where the soul will abide for a time, you see cobwebs in the corners of the attic, collections of odds and ends, photographs representing snapshots (or snap judgments)–a coup d'oeil of the outer or inner personality of the members of the household. You see the records of family life in all of its happiness, moments of grief and strife, and the working out of ever-present karma. Somewhat burdened by the weight of all that has transpired here, you say to yourself: What this house needs is redecorating, new life, objects of art and paintings, a place for the children to play–to be merry and gay! The kitchen needs modernizing and the anchoring of a flame where the mother prepares her daily offering of breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the nourishment of the form and the nourishment of the soul.

And so--room by room, story by story--you see the outplay of the compartments of consciousness. This is your home. You can make it what you will. You can fill it with life, greenery, flowers, religious shrines. A library that bears witness to the learning of angels, masters, and men. And a hearth where the flame burns perpetually in memory of the Ancient of Days who rekindled by his own threefold flame the Life of a planet and its people.

Basking in the light of the threefold flame, you see how you can make your four lower bodies a living Shamballa–a shrine to the Buddha and to the Christ consciousness that is the line, the horizontal line, of the mind's eye. And as you measure, line upon line, the attainments of the day, recognize that you, in the oneness of the flame, are the transforming power, wisdom, and love of the home that is becoming your castle. And then your four lower bodies (instead of being a burden of depression, a source of aggravation, a platform for temptation and the pilfering and squandering of the energies of the Holy Spirit) can be your retreat–your own focus of the wisdom of the Buddha, the love of the Holy Spirit, and the powerful willing of the Elohim, willing the soul to take dominion over all energy spirals and to be freeborn.

Now then, in your meditation, by the Christ mind you project to every corner of your house, to every nook and cranny–light! light! light! You fling light as a child throwing snowballs–up and down, to the right, to the left–into every level of your four lower bodies. The bursting ball of snow, as golden star-fire light, illumines all: the virtues of angelic visitants standing guard, and the ghosts of doubt and fear lurking in the shadows of mortal creation. And in the burst of fire, much is consumed–and more is revealed that will be consumed in another round of your meditation. How easy it is to project light as a golden snowball of purity into patterns of self-indulgence, habits of defiance, and deadly stubbornness that stifles every intuition of the heart and the gentle proddings of the soul as well!

As you meditate, then, upon the sun center of being, receive now the impression of crystal water falling upon you as a rushing, teeming waterfall from the I AM Presence on high and then being directed, through all of the chakras, to every plane and dimension in the house of being. The light that courses through your being is given direction by the discipline of the Christ mind to move unfailingly to the mark of that density which must be shattered once, shattered again, and then dissolved in the blinding purity of Almighty God himself.

O how the awesome Presence of the Holy One does enter the sun of being! For day by day, as you follow this exercise and continue your invocations to the violet flame as you have been taught to do, you are creating a dwelling place fit for the evolution of the soul. Moreover, you are creating even now the habitation of the Most High God. And one day you will perceive that your temple has become the temple of the Holy Spirit. And you will bid him welcome and you will say, “Hail, Maha Chohan!” And you will not be ashamed to bid the Lord enter. For your house will be clean and shiny and tidy. And the guest, sometimes unseen, will not only be welcome but he will be at home. ...

1974 Bound Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 17 No. 30 - Beloved Lanello - July 28, 1974

This may be available at the publisher: The Summit Lighthouse

7. From Meditative States in Tibetan Buddhism by Lati Rinbochay and Derma Locho Rinbochay; from Ch. Calm Abiding: The Beginning of the Session,

"... we can imagine a Buddha sitting on top of our heads after which a duplicate the size of the top joint of the thumb separates from the Buddha, and we imagine that second Buddha at whatever place is most comfortable--at eye level or navel level, about six feet in front of us, or inside the throat, inside the heart, or inside the solar plexus. Or, alternatively, we can meditate on ourselves as Buddhas."

The authors stress the importance of visualization, right mindfulness and overcoming faults with antidotes. The Buddha assists in the transmutation of sin. They go on to the next step:

"Instead of meditating on the body of the Buddha, we can meditate on our own minds; in the beginning, this is more difficult. Here, the object of observation is the mind itself, which has three features: it is clear (gsal ba); it is a knower (rig pa, samvedana); and it is empty (stong pa, s'unya). The mode of meditation is the same.

"With the achievement of calm abiding using the mind itself as the object of observation, there is a possibility of error because, with that achievement, one attains a state similar to a realization of emptiness. Many Tibetan meditators in the past achieved calm abiding using the mind itself as the object of observation for through that they had gained the view of emptiness (stong pa nyid, s'unyata) when they had not." pp. 74-75.

Innate-wisdom, even Buddhahood is sometimes confused with merely reaching the state of calm-abiding within the mind.

The Buddha delineated four categories as objects of observation to reach calm-abiding: 1. pervasive objects of observation, 2. objects of observation for purifying behavior, 3. skillful objects of observation and 4. objects of observation for purifying afflictive emotions. The authors go into further detail (these categories have sub-categories) on how to overcome the limitations we place on ourselves. It is interesting reading. I remember when I attended an extensive Vipassana meditation camp I was not really told how to deal with the strange thoughts that pop up. This chapter does just that.

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Meditation on Padma Sambhava (also known as Guru Rinpoche)

8. From a Tibetan, Genyen Jamyangling, who studied the Dharma for over 35 years, since she was 7 years old in Tibet and Dharamsala. She now helps bring her own understanding of healing through personal experience to the west and now resides in Canada.

In a meditative posture, see the whole universe around you becoming a bright white light congealing right in front of you. See that light transforming itself into Padma Sambhava looking at you in a seated position. He is a very, very large transluscent Padma Sambhavain. Notice what he is wearing and what he is holding for your visualization. He is in royal garb but with religious implements, signifying that he is both a prince and spiritual master. In his right hand, held in the position of teaching, is the vajra, a sort of thunderbolt with four prongs on each end; one end symbolizing compassion, the other power. The left hand holds a skull cap filled with the liquids of blissful wisdom. A vase sits in the middle filled with the nectars of immortality. Tucked in his left elbow, pointing up, is a staff with a trident on top, symbolizing the triple essence of time and its three horizons.

See a white light come from his heart to yours, forming an adamantine, diamond-like, crystal ray, filling your heart and bonding to you. Instantly see Padma Sambhava himself superimposed over you. Suddenly, you are Padma Sambhava, and therefore you become like him, indestructble. If your intentions are pure, he will aid you in overcoming the obstructions to the path no matter what your preconceived notions of religion are.

Then say his time honored mantra below, 10X, 36X, even 100X.

Aum Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padme Siddhi Hum

Click here to see a larger picture of Padma Sambhava w/mantra for your meditation.

9. From the same Tibetan, Genyen Jamyangling, a simple healing meditation that she finds works for her and others:

First, assume the position, meditatively speaking of course. Have your hands in your lap, opened, face up. Get into a relaxed rhythm of slow breathing. Pick an area of the body that needs healing and visualize a dark cloud covering that organ or area. When you can hold that visualization, breathe in slowly through the nose, gradually forming a fist with both hands as you do. Then breathe out slowly, visualizing the dark cloud coming up out of your body and being exhaled through your mouth. Unclench your fists slowly as you exhale. See the dark cloud go away from you in a stream as far as possible until it totally disappears. Do it three times.

I would add two things to this meditation. Ask Chenresig or Kuan Yin, the healing Buddha, or even the blessed Virgin to aid you in your healing and visualization. I would also see that dark cloud being consumed by a white light or violet fire. If you can see the spiritualized fire emanating from a great sphere above you or off in the distance that would be even better.

If there is nothing wrong with you, you can heal others or conditions in the world. Just see the dark cloud over the troubled area.

The Golden Buddha

10. From --The Goddess of Liberty, July 3, 1989; a dictation from the Summit Lighthouse published in the 1989 Pearls of Wisdom, pp. 560-61.

Those who would remain free from vulnerability to the fallen ones [fallen angels] must swiftly pursue the mysteries and the inititiations of the Dhyani Buddhas. You can watch yourself, beloved, through your own Holy Christ Self, through the inner eye of the soul, who knows everything, through the All-Seeing Eye of [God focused in] the third-eye chakra. And you may observe and you may call to your Holy Christ Self and the Inner Buddha to show you where those poisons are present and how you can root them out and replace them with the glorious image of the golden Buddha!

Wherever you see corruption in the self or another replace it with the glorious image of the golden Buddha and see that Buddha smiling back at you out of that person, out of the [chakras, the] self or [the] consciousness. Whatever you see that is imperfect in another or yourself, beloved, [whenever you] see [it, see] the golden Buddha blazing, and there you will have the response of the Buddha. And you will see the transformation and you will see the Buddha step out of that one to initiate you, to embrace you, to place upon your head the crown of everlasting Life!

Books published by Summit University Press are listed here.

11. Guided meditation at Belief Net

A Moment of Calm: Come into the present moment with this 10-minute mindfulness meditation.

With Tara Brach (the founder and senior teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, D.C)

Treasure Mapping Hi-Tech Tibetan Style

12. From Madi Nolan, a western lama


Tibetan Lama Ling advises to follow these instructions carefully for success.

Step 1. Write your goals. Be specific: such as car, vacation, home, travel, relationship, money, whatever you wish to change in your life. Keep the written goal to as few words as possible.

Step 2. Find picture(s) of your goals such as car, home, cruise ship, etc. Place it with your goals. Write your name at the top of the goals.

Step 3. Find the image of a CANNON. Look in clip art books or a dictionary. In Feng Shui for the body, the Cannon blasts away all the old negative patterns and feelings of being stuck.

Step 4. Reduce the grouping of your goals and images to fit within a 2" by 2" square using a copier.

Step 5. Make a clear plastic transparency. The words and images appear small, but the body will recognize their meaning.

Activate The Empowerment

Step 1: Locate your power centers which act like antennas attracting your goals to you. a. 1st Power Center is located one hand's width above the navel on the midline of the body. b. 2nd Power Center is located between the brows on the forehead.

Step 2: Place the transparency on the skin directly over the first power center. Place a lighted flashlight firmly on the transparency for five minutes to program light sensitive cells deep in the skin. Close eyes during this process.

Step 3: Move the transparency on the skin directly over the 2nd power center and repeat the process for another five minutes. Do the empowerment once a day for best results. You will begin seeing your goals manifest!

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Abbreviated Four-Armed Chenresig Meditation

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