Lusting after Taiwan

There's a climate of oppression and depression that pervades a communist country. Some say that decay is tangible in a barely perceptible smell, like something that gnaws at the subconscious. It's there but you can't quite put your finger on it. It's the decay of the Spirit. There is little room for soul evolution when an aetheistic State demands total obediance of it's citizens. Living in a communist country sucks the Light from the unfortunate inhabitants if they had any to begin with. Unless the soul returning to a Chinese embodiment is one of great attainment and abilities, it would make sense that God would send the one's with a larger resevoir of Light to Taiwan or Chinese communities abroad.

There are few freer countries than Taiwan, back in the seventies when I visited, they didn't even have copyright laws. That may have changed. The point being, to climb the ladder of spiritual evolution one need's free will to pursue the religion of his choice and to enter into the devotion one needs to make contact with God above and within. I have no doubt there are countless souls in Taiwan who have been devoted to God for lifetimes, whether it be as Buddhists, Taoists, Christians or just simple folk following the ethics laid down by Confucius. Their temples, the mortal forms taken on in this life, are filled with Light. The meridians well known in Chinese medicine are pathways of Light and energy.

Chinese scholars make the mistake of judging China today with the China of the past. Ancient dynasties were content to absorb invaders. Only occassionally did China feel the need to attack. Those forays were a disaster when the divine wind (kamikaze) from Japan blew the armada back into the sea. But what the pundits do not figure in this equation is the role of reincarnation. Dark souls now re-embody in China to take positions of leadership and oppression. They are not content to sit back. They are biding their time in the tradition of Sun Tsu, feigning strength when they have it not and weakness when they are nearing readiness. They want revenge on Japan and yes, they want the territory of Taiwan back but most of all they lust after the Light of the people of Taiwan. Make no mistake, it is lust and they will not stop unless turned back.


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