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Big Government vs. Freedom

Practice good mental health, don't look for conspiracies under every rock. --- the editor

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  2. White House 'Bonesman' leads nation into the dark-11\11
  3. 'Beware, Queen told me, powers are at work'-11\8
  4. 'Secrets of the Tomb' Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, ...-9\18
  5. Ministers avert World Bank crisis-6\16
  6. Black Helicopter Crowd May Be Right After All-5\24
  7. Spy post tunes into everything-5\10
  8. Feds might use Microsoft product for online ID-4\22
  9. A National ID? (driver's licenses)-4\19
  10. World court now a reality-4\11
  11. The Bilderberg Group- The Invisible Power House -4\12
  12. Manchurian Candy Date-3\28
  13. Head of Internet Body says "...the goal of leaving the Net in private hands has proven unworkable..."-4\3
  14. Best way to protect your privacy Search for yourseld online-4\2
  15. Big Brother is watching you read-2\14
  16. Post-9/11 security fears usher in subdermal chips-2\4
  17. California police state-1\29
  18. Spyware, In a Galaxy Near You-1\24
  19. Thieves in the night-1\24
  20. Bohemian Grove gets penetrated by intruder-1\24
  21. Bohemian Club's friends, foes dismiss dark tales-1\23
  22. "National Security" Toll on Freedom of Expression-1\24
  23. Software can spot digital deceivers-1\23
  24. Bush Lifts Speed Limits on Computer Exports-1\10
  25. Digital Images Will ID Visitors to U.S.-1\7
  26. ADS Introduces Verichip, Implantable ID Chip-12\24
  27. Injectable chip opens door to 'human bar code' -1\12
  28. FBI Confirms 'Magic Lantern' Project Exists-12\13
  29. The Brave New World of Chip Technology-12\10
  1. Fast Track is Unconstitutional- 12\5
  2. Ron Paul from the floor of the House- 12\4
  3. Ashcroft Seeking to Free F.B.I. to Spy on Groups- 12\1
  4. Warning: The FBI knows what you're typing- 12\7
  5. The Poster Police- 12/3
  6. Feds to watch every keystroke
  7. Federal Surveillanceof Ordinary Americans
  8. Gorbachev: Coalition can become New World Order
  9. Rumsfeld in step w/Gorby, considers Global CommandSystematic
  10. Microbeam weapon to disperse crowds
  11. FBI enlists 'remote viewers' in war on terror
  12. National ID card lacks supporters, thank God.
  13. New ID cards for Military
  14. Writer: ID's worth consideration
  15. FBI scours the internet for terrorist links
  16. World domination on another front: XP?
  17. How to run a Microsoft free shop-1\12
  18. Constitutional Rights Should Trump
  19. Potential Gun Grab in Congress
  20. ID Cards
  21. New book on NSA sheds light on secrets
  22. Brzezinski, Shadowy Cabal-Master Agent
  23. An Intelligence Giant in the Making
  24. Congressman Ron Paul: Peers blindly passed Patriot Bill
  25. Echelon


  1. Illuminati of Bavaria (Founded 1776) Researchers and Christian fundamentalists commonly portray certain symbols (pyramid, all-seeing eye, etc.) used in the founding of this country as coming from the Illuminati or even 'the devil.' This is not correct. The Illuminati did go into hiding after their discovery and penetrated the Masonic Order in Europe but they had not infiltrated the Masons at the founding of this country. The concepts and symbols used by the Founding Fathers, who were mostly Maons, have mystical and profound meanings. Editor

Media Bias and Political Correctness

from the Archives

  1. John Burns: 'There Is Corruption in Our Business', 'NY Times' Writer on the Terror of Baghdad-9\16
  2. US media retain their liberal bias-12\15
  3. `Secrets of the Tomb': MSNBC Broadcasts Skull & Bones Story-9\6
  4. Coloring the News-6\9
  5. The News That Didn't Fit To Print-6\10
  6. 'Into The Buzzsaw';Tales Of US Media Censorship-4\9
  7. What's right about print media? Nothing-3\24
  8. Smash Hit; The power politics of missile defense-3\18
  9. Outside In: Gay themes in the mainstream press-3\15
  10. Hidden agendas behind press coverage of the Afghan war
  11. Ten most 'spiked' stories of 2001-World Net-1\30
  12. Clever Is the Word for a Biased Media -2\4
  13. 'Bias' sparks vicious war of words-1\30
  14. Why Reporters' Discovery Was Shared w/officials-1\24
  15. Diversity afflicting the news?-1\12
  16. NY Times Book Review of 'Bias'-12\13
  17. The NY Times Peers Down at the World-12\29
  1. Whose side are Journalists on?
  2. TV Networks show their true colors
  3. Neutral in the Newsroom
  4. Quotes from the media
  5. West Wing bias exposed in interview-2\25
  6. Who Controls the Media? from NOW
  7. The bratty, know-nothing behavior of the media
  8. Sounds of the Media Detractors
  9. College student is charged with harassment for Patiotism
  10. Media inaccuracy, new diversity standards
  11. War's First Casualty, Truth
  12. The Shaw Doctrine
  13. University Censorship
  14. From the Heritage Foundation
  15. MSNBC debunks Nostradamus
  16. General Reinwald Speaks to NPR Interviewer

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Economics and One World

from the Archives

Chinese troops marching in front of Potala Palace

WAR and Rumors of WAR

from the Editor

  1. Terrorism and Fanatics

from the Archives

  1. The Contents of Saddam Hussein's Arsenal-9\7
  2. The Realities of Missle Proliferation--Key to a Future War-8\27
  3. Why Bush is Hell-Bent on War With Iraq-8\2
  4. Going nuclear in North Korea-6\25
  5. Bojinka the Dog that Didn't Bark-6\19
  6. Cold War Lessons Vital to War on Terrorism-6\16
  7. New Bush Doctrine is conveyed to "Axis of Evil" Countries-6\13
  8. Weapons of Precise Destruction-5\26
  9. The new US-Russian Arms Agreement-5\24
  10. Military Would Be Stressed by a New War, Study Finds-5\24
  11. "The Cuban Threat as the Tip of an Iceberg"-5\18
  12. Conflicts threaten to spread in S. Asia-5\14
  13. Report: India, Pakistan Were Near Nuclear War in '99-5\14
  14. Weather Warfare-5\9
  15. After 30 years, Russia to hold drills with China-4\28
  16. The Rules of Engagement-4\21
  17. Supercavitatingtorpsaretotallyhellacious-4\13
  18. Australia's Defense Chief Predicts World War III-4\13
  19. Psychotronic War-4\11
  20. "The Balance of Terror and the Red Mercury Nightmare"-3\28
  21. Russia planing to counter US missile shield: defence minister-3\27
  22. "World Reaction to U. S. Nuclear Strategy"-3\23
  23. Indo-Pak war threat highest since '71: CIA -3\21
  24. Military Leaders Warn of Shortages
  25. Africa's Great War, Communist Victories-3\10
  26. U.S. Nuclear Plan Sees New Weapons and and New Targets-3\10
  27. Data Shows World Awash in Stolen Nuclear Material-3\8
  1. 'Evil' Iraq must face action says Blair3\1
  2. Russia's nuclear arms deemed vulnerable-2\22
  3. China shipped missiles to Iran in January-2\22
  4. Is the Pentagon Preparing for the Last War?-2\23
  5. Iran Will Return Iraqi Jet Fighters-2\19
  6. Huge Stocks Of BioWeapons In The Former Soviet Union-2\19
  7. Major Break Reported in Arms Probe-2\16
  8. New US Laser Weapon Cleared For Take-Off-2\17
  9. Unnoticed Bombshell (on the CIA)-2\11
  10. CIA Report: On the Proliferation of Mass Destruction Weapons
  11. Can Missile Defense Work?-2\9
  12. Russian and Chinese War preparations by JRNyquist-1\17
  13. Pentagon Study Urges Arms Shift, From Nuclear to High-Tech; NY Times-1\9
  14. Iraq deploying 'super-cannons'-1\4
  15. U.S. War on Terrorism Threatened by Shortage of Military Parts -1\4
  16. Terror's New Theatres-12\29
  17. Russian Arms Sales Hit Record $4.4 billion-12\28
  18. Battlefield reaction times reduced-12\28
  19. Japan sinks 'North Korea spying ship'-12\24
  20. N. Korea pedges to guard socialism to the death
  21. Is the Cold War 'over'?- Gaffney- 12\11
  22. Iraqi Defector: at Least 20 Hidden Weapons Sites
  23. Libyan chem-war site beneath mountain-12\20
  24. Skeptical of the peace label, Cal Thomas
  25. Was Richard Reid 'Shoe Bomber No. 2'?
  26. Afghanistan: facts and figures


  1. Map Nuke Blast Patterns For Your Town
American Jihad by Steven Emerson, Under the threat of death from the very militants he was investigating, Emerson produced this book of chilling insights. Emerson traces the convergence of the various terrorist groups to the year 1989 and proceeds with a detailed history of their growth from there. Among Emerson's colleagues is the liberal Muslim, Khalid Duran, who wrote a book about fostering understanding between religions. Duran has also been subject to death threats from militant conservative Islamist organizations. Especially disturbing are Emerson's observations on how the militant groups hide under the cover of "charitable organizations" which are exempt from scrutiny. And the way the militants deny their activities even as they are caught red-handed is maddening. ...

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