China and the Communists

The goal of communism is to create an army of automatons not much better off than the terra cotta soldiers created by a deluded Chinese Emperor of the past.

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October 11, 2001

I wrote that before Sept. 11 not knowing where I wanted to go from there. As bad as the situation is now, with the real prospect of a long protracted war, there is a greater danger looming over the horizon. The army we might have to face won't be as fanatic but there will be the seething hatred underneath inculcated by years of indoctrination. The most frightening aspect is that it may be the largest army the world has ever seen with a dogged determination and a degree of patience only an Oriental can possess.

There is a quote I heard years ago that has always stuck with me for some reason. It's from Lenin and goes something like this, "The revolution will be successful when all the grandmothers are dead." (For those of you who are the product of public education in the last 30 years, that's Vladimir not John Lennon.)

What an amazing statement. What kind of mind thinks up stuff like that? What does he mean? Well, grandmothers live longer than anybody else, for one. They also are repositories of culture, tradition, sweetness and love, all an anathema to the communist state. Mothers and grandmothers are instrumental in teaching the youth. Break that chain, lessen their effectiveness and wipe out the memory of all that was worthwhile and good of a culture and you have the makings of a nation fashioned in the image of the 'perfect' communist man, a robot, devoid of Light.

Chinese scholars in academia, think tanks and the government are enamored with history. They believe that since China has always been content to stay within its huge borders, it will always be so. They also tend to be a little left of liberal and overlook the consequences of communism. They do not realize that because of propaganda and reincarnation, the same souls that made China a great civilization may not be there now.

The reason that the switch from communism to capitalism went better in Eastern Europe is because all the grandmothers weren't dead. However, they passed from the screen of life long ago in the Soviet Union. Now they are a nation adrift without individuals made up of that great Russian soul and fiber of the past. Those that took the tenants of communism to heart (actually one has to quash the Light in the heart to be successful), the KGB and hard liners, had the heads up to move into positions of power. They are there now, firmly ensconced, perpetuating a corrupt system.

At the polar opposite of communism are those countries devoted to the Light of God. America stands at the forefront of such devotion although it doesn't seem like it at times especially on football Sunday. There are those among us who have personal experiences with God that bear directly on our current situation. One of those is Ned Dougherty, author of "Fast Lane to Heaven." (see link below)

Due in no small part to his Irish Catholic upbringing, (doing the Rosary and receiving proper discipline in a Catholic school does wonders for the soul) when it came time for Mr. Dougherty's near death experience (NDE) he had a ready tie to the heart of the Blessed Virgin. She showed him of events that may happen in the future. To set the table for the subject, China, this is how accurate his visions were. This was given him several years ago and published earlier this year. He was not shown when it would take place:

"6. While acts of terrorism and war and political unrest plague the Eastern Hemisphere, the Western Hemisphere will be spared the worst of the terrorism. However, a major attack may befall New York City or Washington, D.C., severely impacting the way we live in the United States." p. 252-253

''The Lady of Light' explained to him that none of the visions he was shown need to happen. If America becomes more spiritual, meditates on God's Plan and above all, prays, then events can be mitigated and even averted. Here then is what she showed him connected with China.

"4. Wars and rumors of war will continue to plague the Eastern Hemisphere, spreading from the Middle East into Africa and Europe, and then to countries of the former Soviet Union and to the Far East, particularly China." p. 252

"5. The greatest threat to global peace and preservation will come from China, which is preparing itself for global war and domination by building the largest army in the world, prophetically referred to in the book of Revelation as the army of "two hundred million." Under the guise of population control, China has been systematically exterminating unborn female babies in favor of males in order to breed an army capable of dominating the world. The Lady of Light specifically told me, "Pray for the conversion of China. The conversion of China to God is necessary for the salvation of the world." p. 252

[editor: #6 is above. #'s 7 and 8 don't deal with China.]

"9. The United States government will fail to meet its financial obligations as a result of its staggering national debt and will collapse. As a result of the destruction of U.S. military bases from natural disasters, the United States will lose its ability to wage war or defend itself, leaving the country vulnerable to invasion by foreign troops, particularly by China's "army of two hundred million." p. 253

Once again, these things do not have to happen. Unfortunately, we have had administrations who have help build up China's military might, from FDR's support of communist regimes both in Russia and China early on, to Republicans supporting business dealings in China; but at no time was there such an acceleration of the transference of electronic, technological and military hardware to China as there was under Clinton. It is shocking. The two other books below go into that.

Just after World War II, the communists took over. Fifteen to twenty year old girls who were taught Confucian ethics and Chinese traditions back then, are growing old. In five to ten years they will be 75 to 85 years old. They will be moving on to another life. Their exiting will mark the time line Lenin warned us about. The last of the grandmothers, the link to the past and to God will be dead. The army of the automatons, the walking dead, will be ready to march.

The warning signs are there. God needs our prayers and vigilance to turn it around. These things are not a fait accompli.

---the Editor


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