A Study of a Near-Death Experience

by Jeanne M. House

In High Possibilities, Frederick William Henry Myers said, “ That which lies at the root of each of us, lies at the root of Cosmos too. Our struggle is the struggle of the Universe itself; and the very Godhead finds fulfillment through our upward-striving souls.” (ESP Reader, edited by David C. Knight, page 544.)

He goes on to say; “Now it is that we are forced on both sides of the gulf to recognize how rare and specific is the capacity of interconnections on which our messages must depend. The dwellers on the earth, themselves spirits, are an object of love and care to spirits higher than themselves… The most important boon that can possibly be bestowed on them is knowledge as to their position in the universe, the assurance that their existence is a cosmic and not merely a planetary, a spiritual and not merely a corporeal, phenomenon.” (ESP Reader, edited by David C. Knight, pages 542-543.).

As I read these words, I was led to a specific near-death in a galley called Near Death Experiences; A Reader, edited by Lee W. Bailey and Jenny Yates. In chapter two, Mellon-Thomas Benedict had an actual experience that validated these sentiments.

Mellen-Thomas Benedict is an artist who survived a near-death experience in 1982. He was dead for over an hour and a half and during that time, he rose up out of his body and went into the Light. Curious about the universe, he was taken far into the remote depths of existence, and even beyond, into the energetic Void of Nothingness behind the Big Bang. Concerning his near-death experience, Dr. Kenneth Ring has said, "His story is one of the most remarkable I have encountered in my extensive research on near-death experiences."

During this near-death experience, Mellen-Thomas followed a Light that showed him a Higher-Self Matrix comprised of a mandala of human souls. It became clear to him that all Higher Selves are connected as one being and that all human souls are connected as one being. We are actually the same being, but different aspects of it. We have a grid around the planet where all higher selves are connected. This is the next subtle level of energy around us.

He saw in this magnificent mandala how beautiful we all are in our essence, our core. He discovered that we are the most beautiful creations and that there was no evil in any soul. All people seek love and what distorts them is the lack of love. We are designed to self-correct, just like the rest of God’s universe.

When he asked the Light to see the rest of the universe, here is what he experienced in his own words:

The Light responded, "This is the RIVER OF LIFE. Drink of this manna water to your heart's content." So I did. I took one big drink and then another. To drink of Life Itself! I was in ecstasy. Then the Light said, "You have a desire." The Light knew all about me, everything past, present and future. "Yes!" I whispered.

I asked to see the rest of the Universe; beyond our solar system, beyond all human illusion. The Light then told me that I could go with the Stream. I did, and was carried through the Light at the end of the tunnel. I felt and heard a series of very soft sonic booms. What a rush! THE VOID OF NOTHINGNESS.

Suddenly I seemed to be rocketing away from the planet on this stream of Life. I saw the earth fly away. The solar system, in all its splendor, whizzed by and disappeared. At faster than light speed, I flew through the center of the galaxy, absorbing more knowledge as I went. I learned that this galaxy, and all of the Universe, is bursting with many different varieties of LIFE. I saw many worlds. The good news is that we are not alone in this Universe!

As I rode this stream of consciousness through the center of the galaxy, the stream was expanding in awesome fractal waves of energy. The super clusters of galaxies with all their ancient wisdom flew by. At first I thought I was going somewhere; actually traveling. But then I realized that, as the stream was expanding, my own consciousness was also expanding to take in everything in the Universe! All creation passed by me. It was an unimaginable wonder! I truly was a Wonder Child; a babe in Wonderland!

It seemed as if all the creations in the Universe soared by me and vanished in a speck of Light. Almost immediately, a second Light appeared. It came from all sides, and was so different; a Light made up of more than every frequency in the Universe. I felt and heard several velvety sonic booms again. My consciousness, or being, was expanding to interface with the entire Holographic Universe and more.

As I passed into the second Light, the awareness came to me that I had just transcended the Truth. Those are the best words I have for it, but I will try to explain. As I passed into the second Light, I expanded beyond the First Light. I found myself in a profound stillness, beyond all silence. I could see or perceive FOREVER, beyond Infinity.

I was in the Void.

I was in pre-creation, before the Big Bang. I had crossed over the beginning of time - the First Word - the First vibration. I was in the Eye of Creation. I felt as if I was touching the Face of God. It was no religious feeling. Simply I was at one with Absolute Life and Consciousness.

When I say that I could see or perceive forever, I mean that I could experience all of creation generating itself. It was without beginning and without end. That's a mind-expanding thought, isn't it? Scientists

perceive the Big Bang as a single event, which created the Universe. I saw that the Big Bang is only one of an infinite number of Big Bangs creating Universes endlessly and simultaneously. The only images that even come close in human terms would be those created by supercomputers using fractal geometry equations.

The ancients knew of this. They said Godhead periodically created new Universes by breathing out, and de-creating other Universes by breathing in. These epochs were called Yugas. Modern science called this the Big Bang. I was in absolute, pure consciousness. I could see or perceive all the Big Bangs or Yugas creating and de-creating them. Instantly I entered into them all simultaneously. I saw that each and every little piece of creation has the power to create. It is very difficult to try to explain this. I am still speechless about this.

It took me years after I returned to assimilate any words at all for the Void experience. I can tell you this now; the Void is less than nothing, yet more than everything that is! The Void is absolute zero; chaos forming all possibilities. It is Absolute Consciousness; much more than even Universal Intelligence.

Where is the Void? I know. The Void is inside and outside everything. You, right now even while you live, are always inside and outside the Void simultaneously. You don't have to go anywhere or die to get there. The Void is the vacuum or nothingness between all physical manifestations. The SPACE between atoms and their components.

Modern science has begun to study this space between everything. They call it Zero-point. Whenever they try to measure it, their instruments go off the scale, or to infinity, so to speak. They have no way, as of yet, to measure infinity accurately. There is more of the zero space in your own body and the Universe than anything else! What mystics call the Void is not a void. It is so full of energy, a different kind of energy that has created everything that we are. Everything since the Big Bang is vibration, from the first Word, which is the first vibration. The biblical "I am" really has a question mark after it. "I am - What am I?"

So creation is God exploring God's Self through every way imaginable, in an ongoing, infinite exploration through every one of us. Through every piece of hair on your head, through every leaf on every tree, through every atom, God is exploring God's Self, the great "I am". I began to see that everything that is, is the Self, literally, your Self, my Self. Everything is the great Self. That is why God knows even when a leaf falls. That is possible because wherever you are is the center of the universe. Wherever any atom is, that is the center of the universe. There is God in that, and God in the Void.

As I was exploring the Void and all the Yugas or creations, I was completely out of time and space, as we know it. In this expanded state, I discovered that creation is about Absolute Pure Consciousness, or God, coming into the Experience of Life, as we know it. The Void itself is devoid of experience. It is pre-life, before the first vibration. Godhead is about more than Life and Death. Therefore there is even more than Life and Death to experience in the Universe!

I was in the Void and I was aware of everything that had ever been created. It was like I was looking out of God's eyes. I had become God. Suddenly I wasn't me anymore. The only thing I can say, I was looking out of God's eyes. And suddenly I knew why every atom was, and I could see everything. The interesting point was that I went into the Void; I came back with this understanding that God is not there. God is here. That's what it is all about.

So this constant search of the human race to go out and find God ... God gave everything to us, everything is here - this is where it's at. And what we are into now is God's exploration of God through us. People are so busy trying to become God that they ought to realize that we are already God and God is becoming us. That's what it is really about.

When I realized this, I was finished with the Void, and wanted to return to this creation, or Yuga. It just seemed like the natural thing to do. Then I suddenly came back through the second Light, or the Big Bang, hearing several more velvet booms. I rode the stream of consciousness back through all of creation, and what a ride it was! The super clusters of galaxies came through me with even more insights.

I passed through the center of our galaxy, which is a black hole. Black holes are the great processors or recyclers of the Universe. Do you know what is on the other side of a Black Hole? We are; our galaxy; which has been reprocessed from another Universe. In its total energy configuration, the galaxy looked like a fantastic city of lights. All energy this side of the Big Bang is light. Every sub-atom, atom, star, planet, even consciousness itself is made of light and has a frequency and/or particle. Light is living stuff. Everything is made of light, even stones. So everything is alive. Everything is made from the Light of God; everything is very intelligent.


As I rode the stream on and on, I could eventually see a huge Light

coming. I knew it was the First Light; the Higher Self Light Matrix of our solar system. Then the entire solar system appeared in the Light, accompanied by one of those velvet booms.

I saw that the solar system we live in is our larger, local body. This is our local body and we are much bigger than we imagine. I saw that the solar system is our body. I am a part of this, and the earth is this

great created being that we are, and we are the part of it that knows that it is. But we are only that part of it. We are not everything, but we are that part of it that knows that it is.

I could see all the energy that this solar system generates, and it is an incredible light show! I could hear the Music of the Spheres. Our solar system, as do all celestial bodies, generates a unique matrix of light, sound and vibratory energies. Advanced civilizations from other star systems can spot life, as we know it in the universe by the vibratory or energy matrix imprint. It is child's play. The earth's Wonder Child (human beings) make an abundance of sound right now, like children playing in the backyard of the universe.

I rode the stream directly into the center of the Light. I felt embraced by the Light as it took me in with its breath again, followed by another soft sonic boom. I was in this great Light of Love with the stream of life flowing through me. I have to say again, it is the most loving, non-judgmental Light. It is the ideal parent for this Wonder Child. "What now?" I wondered.

The Light explained to me that there is no death; we are immortal beings. We have already been alive forever! I realized that we are part of a natural living system that recycles itself endlessly. I was never told that I had to come back. I just knew that I would. It was only natural, from what I had seen.

I don't know how long I was with the Light, in human time. But there came a moment when I realized that all my questions had been answered and my return was near. When I say that all my questions were answered on the other side, I mean to say just that. All my questions have been answered. Every human has a different life and set of questions to explore. Some of our questions are Universal, but each of us is exploring this thing we call Life in our own unique way. So is every other form of life, from mountains to every leaf on every tree.

And that is very important to the rest of us in this Universe. Because it all contributes to the Big Picture, the fullness of Life. We are literally God exploring God's Self in an infinite Dance of Life. Your uniqueness enhances all of Life.

In 1982, Mellon-Thomas Benedict died from a terminal cancer. But when he returned to his body, he discovered that he was healed! His change in his mental attitude actually seemed to influence his physical body. He said after his experience, “Be careful what your world view is…I had a seriously negative world-view…That is what led into my death.” He discovered that we all have the power to heal ourselves. He said, “Remember this and never forget it; you save, redeem

and heal yourself. You always will. You were created with the power to do so before the beginning of the world.”


William James said near the end of the 19th Century, “No mental modification ever occurs which is not accompanied or followed by a bodily change.” And one hundred years later, Norman Cousins, said, “Belief becomes biology.” An external suggestion can become an internal expectation, and that internal expectation can manifest in the physical body. (The Conscious Universe, Dean Radin, Ph.D., page 148.)

My scientific view of it is that his Self, along with the Selves of all Souls in the Higher Matrix mandala, enveloped him with absolute Reality which manifested as a “field consciousness” with the mental intention of Divine Order and Harmony. This resulted in a Divine Healing.

British Biologist, Rupert Sheldrake proposed a similar idea with morphogenic fields. (Conscious Universe, page 158). Dr. Valerie Hunt, of the University of California of L.A., has found that patients who have had NDEs or other dissociative experiences such as spiritual visions, have a distinctive second energy field. (Where God Lives; The Science of the Paranormal and How our Brains are Linked to the Universe, by Melvin Morse, M.D., page 137).

This suggests that Mellon-Thomas was able to re-construct his original morphic field that he was templated from originally and that our emotions and thoughts play an important role in the disharmony or harmony of our original morphic fields.

Can intense focus affect the human nervous system? If we all share a piece of the universal energy pattern, or consciousness, than it must be correct to assume that we all have access to it. Theoretical physicist, Erin Schroedinger, felt it was scientifically correct to conclude that our individual brains contribute to the universal mind. He coined the term “one mind” to explain the implications of theoretical physics for consciousness research. (Where God Lives, page 138) My assumption would be, to take time to intensely focus on this One Mind, in order to re-create balance and harmony in our own morphic field. We do not need a near-death experience for this to work.

Quantum holography explains the phenomena of remote viewing, the ability of humans to “see,” with the mind, objects across time and space. Remote viewing does not actually involve seeing something as much as it involves processing information contained in the universe. (Where God Lives, page 97-100).

Is this interconnectivity of life real? Niel’s Bohr, the founding father of quantum physics, discovered that an interconnectedness exists between unrelated subatomic events and therefore, interconnectivity of life is real. Phyicist Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung developed the term synchronicity. The theory is that hidden patterns in life can be expressed by seemingly coincidental events, and that these patterns represent communication with a conscious universal mind. (Where God Lives, page 101).

In the work of Jahn and Dunne documents, that indeed, all human beings have the power to harness their psychic energy and project it into the physical world. In their laboratory, they built a machine that generates a cascade of falling balls through a random arrangement of pins that trickle down into an entrance funnel into an array of nylon pegs. They found that humans, simply by the power of thought, can significantly influence the cascade of the balls. And it didn’t matter what tactic they took- meditation, visualization, screaming, pleading, etc., they all worked. (Where God Lives, page 104-105).

We learn from remote viewing that when we try, we can, not only access information, but alter reality in a physical way by interacting with the universe.

What about replication? If we were to do a “meta-analysis” on a group of similar experiences, we can deduce that there are common effects. There is an old saying “What you see is what you become.” The ultimate message of many NDEs is that life has meaning and that we are all connected. It is in finding these interconnections that we find the secret to good health and a long life. And that is what these NDEs have found. Also, in most NDE cases, the individual has an interaction with a being of Light that alters the subtle electromagnetic fields surrounding their bodies. (Where God Lives, page 161-136).

Finally, if we are all linked with consciousness, what are the common dynamics of interacting with it?

1) Consciousness extends beyond the individual and his quantum field properties.

2) Consciousness injects order in our systems in proportion to the “strength” of consciousness present.

3) The strength of consciousness in an individual fluctuates from moment to moment, and is regulated by the focus of attention.

4) A group of individuals can have a “group conscious.”

5) Maximum degree of group coherence is related to the number of people in the group and the strength of their common focus of attention.

6) Physical systems of all kinds respond to a consciousness field by becoming more ordered.

(Conscious Universe, page 160).



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