Around the World with Norman Rockwell

by William C. House III
Part 2.

My father's narrative doesn't start until Istanbul. These are the stops they made in Europe: London (Savoy), Paris (Montalembert), Barcelona (Ritz), Nice (Mondial), and Rome (Hassler). Wally Elton left after Rome. Clearly Europe won out for space allotted. These four scenes and three scenes from the ad on the first page made it. The Buckingham Palace Guards obviously were J. Walter favorites. They're in two layouts. Nothing else made it from England, certainly not the pigeons in Trafalgar Square. This is an interesting English shot below that never saw the light of day.


The dichotomy shown for Paris is interesting. In the first ad on page one, we find Can-Can girls with this caption "Gay Paree has the best floor shows and the best menus. There's something for everybody in this beautiful city." The wife is looking at a menu while the guy is getting a nice leg shot for his album. In a nod toward higher culture, Joan of Arc finds a place in this ad. Below you'll find Mr. Rockwell at the statue of Joan of Arc and at Rome's Trevi Fountain. Not many photos here of Europe. I have more from the rest of the trip.

Sketching afternoon English tea. To the right, a colleague is shown where to place his feet. Wouldn't be surprised if they're near the banks of the Seine.

The motorbike picture could be anywhere. The one above looks like Barcelona or Rome. These
are probably some of the people who were looking forward to being in an ad that Norman
mentioned having to avoid in the future. All except the fellow sitting down. That looks like my dad.

© William C. House

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